Can Hypnotherapy Help Get Rid of My Fears?

Can Hypnotherapy Help Get Rid of My Fears?

It is estimated that more than 90% of all adults have at least one intense fear. For some it is as extreme as crowds and for others it is a seemingly silly fear like a cat or bird. Though it may sound silly to the person that has the fear it can be debilitating. Regardless of why the person has established the fear they commonly react the same to their feared situation. In most cases the reason for the fear is buried deep inside the brain stemming back from an earlier experience or association in life.

Past Times – Cause Present Fears

In every persons life there is a situation or circumstance that has caused them to feel a certain way or associate two things together. Just as a small child learns to associate the Golden Arches of McDonalds with a happy meal others associate things that may cause fears in their every day lives. Most of the time the individual can remember a traumatic experience, association or behavior that led to their fear. It is easier to understand if the person has some recollection of the situation, but in some cases the person may not remember anything at all. In fact several people suffering from fears really do not have any idea where their fear came from. And, this is where hypnotherapy can help them, not only uncover the root of the fear, but eliminate it all together.

Hypnotherapy To Uncover The Root

During the hypnotherapy session the trained Hypnotherapist guides the client through their stored memories to uncover the root of their fear. It may go decades into the past or as simple as a scratch on the surface. Since the memory, awareness and senses are heightened during the practice of hypnosis the individual can easily access memories that may have been repressed. It is not uncommon when a person experiences a negative or traumatic experience to repress or “hide” that experience. With a great deal of concentration or guidance from the hypnotherapist this memory can be accessed and replaced. When the memory is challenged it can be put into proper perspective, therefore calming or easing the fear.

With the help of the hypnotherapist the individual is then able to learn to cope with this negative event and relax themselves. One of the troubles with fears is that the person automatically tenses, blood pressure rises and the fear-stress behavior becomes a vicious cycle. At this point the “fear” response is not because of the “item or event” it is simply a habit triggered by a particular thought, saying, sight or smell. Hypnotherapy helps the individual regain control of their thoughts, senses and control them to reduce this cycle.

What About Irrational Fears

No fear is a small fear. They all illicit the same panic, stress and automatic reaction regardless of how small they may be. The fear of a clown may sound petty or nominal to one person, but to another it is phenomenal. It is important to understand that hypnotherapy is not a practice of evaluating or ranking fears or disorders. It is an uncovering of the true memories, thoughts or behaviors behind that fear, so it works regardless of the fear level.

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