Disadvantages of the Medifast Diet – Reasons to Stay Away From Medifast Exposed

Disadvantages of the Medifast Diet – Reasons to Stay Away From Medifast Exposed

In this article we are going to take a quick look at several of the possible disadvantages of the Medifast diet program, and see if any of these reasons are compelling enough for you to pick a different avenue to meet your weight loss needs. The truth of the matter is I have been a very strong advocate of Medifast up to this point, and continue to feel it is a phenomenal, enjoyable and TASTY way to successfully navigate the warm waters of a wonderful new body. But there ARE some people who probably would do better with other options, and I am going to point out a few of the reasons why, below! Read on..:-)

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Look, let’s be honest. Some people NEED to be on a cutting edge, fad diet at all times. They need to be able to cite the newest research on why the body does this, and when. They enjoy the trend of the diet…MORE than the goal of losing weight! Medifast is simple and straightforward…and dare I say, while it may make YOU look sexier fast, the diet itself is NOT revolutionary, controversial or going to be featured on the front page spread of the New York Times..:-) So if you NEED to share your feelings on “Atkins, Mediterranean” and other diets du jour at Weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvah’s and the like….you will probably be better off picking a diet that is more “meat” to discuss! (no pun intended..:-)

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Medifast gives you 6 meals a day. The 5 and 1 Plan provides for 5 prepackaged, and 1 lean and green meal per day. If you are VERY traditional and like to sit down, prepare and eat 3 meals per day on a set schedule, you are probably better off choosing a diet that focuses on this facet or approach. For people on the go, Medifast tends to work like a beautiful dream….but for those who find themselves home all day watching TV, sometimes cooking and preparing foods in the kitchen all day is fun – even if those foods are diet foods! So if you are a full time kitchen fanatic, you are probably best picking a plan that lets you take advantage of your passion…for me, I enjoy my time OUTSIDE of the kitchen far more, so this works perfectly for me!

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