Do You Want to Learn How the NLP Rewind Technique Works?

Do You Want to Learn How the NLP Rewind Technique Works?

It is said that brain is still the least understood organ of the human body. There are several areas in the human brain whose functions we do not know and have yet to discover. However, despite the odds, the psychologists have come up with several techniques and therapies that help ease the mental and emotional stress or phobias of a person. The rewind technique is one such therapy for removing the post-traumatic stress or phobias based on a therapy called the Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

As the name suggest, this technique makes a person rewind and watch the incident that was traumatic or became a phobia and affected their life throughout. The technique is not yet common but is being used by psychologists.

While reliving the incident the patient visualizes or sees the incident again and from a different perspective. It is like asking the patient to view the video of the incident. Except that it would be his mind that would be generating the video and it would be the mind’s eye viewing the video.

It helps the patient is the sense that he doesn’t have to actually use words to tell the psychologist that embarrassing or traumatic incidents again and again. Secondly, the patient can actually detach himself from the anxiety he feels at the time when his phobia triggers.

A patient can view the incident as an outsider and by rewinding and viewing it many times, he can completely let go of that phobia. Whether it is phobia or fear of heights, water, animals, dark etc. This therapy can be used for any kind of traumas and phobias.

A good psychologist for the rewind technique would be the one that has practically treated patients through it. Also, a good psychologist would be able to cure the patient of the phobia in one or two sittings or at least lessen it to the point where it would not interfere with the everyday life of the patient.

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