Have You Considered The Many Benefits of Small Group Fitness Training?

Have You Considered The Many Benefits of Small Group Fitness Training?

One-on-one training is best for clients who want a personal trainer who can educate them about their bodies and how to keep fit. A personal trainer, however, can be expensive. That’s why small group training is gaining popularity among individuals who want to get a good workout at an affordable price. Small group fitness training classes allow you to track your individual progress and can provide the motivation you need to stay focused on your exercise routine.

Groups are big enough for fun and dynamic interaction, yet small enough for quality training. A group is typically limited to 10 or less participants, allowing the instructor to supervise everyone and make little corrections in the movements along the way. Participants in this type of group training program enjoy the benefits of the trainer’s expertise without having to spend too much.

While working with a personal trainer can run upwards of $100 an hour, joining a small group program averages around $20 per person for group training that can still offer you the benefits of working with more personalized, skilled instruction.

The time frame for a small group fitness program is typically 4 to 6 weeks. This length of time is short enough for most people to commit without potential schedule conflicts, but is long enough so that positive results can already be seen.

Benefits of Small Group Training

Whether you’re trying to get in shape, lose weight, or maintain your form or figure, the success of your training regimen depends on consistency. Many people find it difficult to stick to a training program. They often give up after only a short period of time. But when you’re part of a small group, you can keep up your efforts and train harder and longer.

Small groups provide motivation. When you’re part of a group, you’ll find it easier to stay motivated so you can achieve your fitness goals. Working out with friends helps you stay focused and on track.

Small groups provide support. Exercise programs are often difficult. The people in your fitness training class can provide the encouragement you need when things get tough and you begin to lose your original enthusiasm. Sharing your experiences and challenges with other members in your group will ensure a successful fitness training program. Members in the group can look out for one another. At the same time, they’ll feel personally responsible to make sure that they stay with the training program.

Small groups are fun. Many people find it boring and tedious to exercise alone. It’s more fun to perform aerobics or strength training exercises with a group of friends. You can talk to other people, share experiences, and have a good time.

In late 2012 Pete McCall, an Exercise Physiologist with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Stated “Small group training programs are a fun and cost-effective way that fitness enthusiasts can experience the benefits of working with a certified professional.”

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