Ho’oponopono to Live Free From Fear

Ho’oponopono to Live Free From Fear

Do irrational fears and phobias interfere with your achieving what you want in your life? Did you know that with the right tools you can overcome fear and phobias to live the life you want and deserve? One approach many are finding to be successful is Ho’oponopono. The rest of this article will introduce you to Ho’oponopono and how it can help you to live free from fear.

An ancient Hawaiian philosophy has recently become a popular way to deal with fear. It is called Ho’oponopono, which means, “to make right or cleanse.” It is a philosophy many people have trouble accepting, but which can be quite effective if you do embrace it.

The core of this practice is the idea that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. No matter what occurs, Ho’oponopono would have us believe that we somehow caused it. This belief is why Ho’oponopono is so effective, but also the reason why many people cannot embrace it.

When you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, you are responsible for eliminating it as well. But Ho’oponopono doesn’t ask you to eliminate the problem yourself. Instead, you accept responsibility for whatever has happened, then ask for Divine forgiveness and intervention to resolve the problem.

I can’t really do justice to this ancient and profound philosophy in a single article, merely give you this small taste of the core elements. If this sounds like a philosophy for you, the guide discussed at the bottom of this article can provide more information.

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