How to Give Up Smoking – Why Popsicles Can Help You Quit Smoking Now


For almost twenty years, a part of my daily routine was to smoke cigarettes. When I finally decided to learn how to give up smoking, I was unprepared for the various withdraw symptoms that occurred.

Most smokers are aware of the withdraw from nicotine that will occur, as well as changes that are required in social settings. However, what I was surprised to discover was that the oral fixation addiction was almost as powerful as the nicotine withdraw itself.

As I went through the process of learning how to give up smoking, I of course made a small investment into a stop smoking program that treated the nicotine and exercise portions that are vital to success. However, I could not get over the incredible urge to have something in my mouth or hanging on my lips! I know it sounds strange, but in research, I found this to be a common problem among many people looking to stop smoking.

For a while, I had not idea how to solve this problem, until one day it hit me – popsicles! By sucking on a popsicle several times a day, I could easily satisfy the craving and feeling of have a cigarette between my lips. The wonderful flavors and satisfaction of a popsicle worked like a charm for me. I probably went though 400 popsicles during my quest to stop smoking, however, the cost of keeping these on hand far outweighed the cost of a carton of smokes.

By treating all aspects of the withdraw, from nicotine replacement gum to popsicles for the oral fixation, I was able to quit for good. It has been over a year smoke free now for me. 

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