Hypnosis and the Powerhouse Unconscious Mind

Hypnosis and the Powerhouse Unconscious Mind

The study of the human mind is an extremely complex, fascinating process of discovery. We know that our mind controls everything we say or do, think or feel. We also know that often times we feel a certain way but we can’t explain why, nor do we have the power to change how we feel even though we want to or know that we should.

Sadness or emotional pain of any kind is not typically a welcome feeling. But often we are powerless to overcome it. Intense mental struggles are essentially the battle between our conscious and our unconscious minds.

The conscious part of our mind is the part that we are aware of, that processes thoughts and images that we acknowledge and affirm. It houses our imagination and our creativity. But the conscious mind is limited by what’s around us, by what we are part of or exposed to.

Our unconscious mind is the part of our mind that is silently working all the time, processing and storing thoughts and images outside of our awareness, without our actual knowledge. It’s where the fundamental core of our beliefs, our views, our abilities, even our emotions and behaviours reside. It’s where we store our inner answers, the place we often refer to as “deep down”. When we use that expression, we are basically stating it for what it truly is, a part of our minds that we know is there, but we are unaware of what it is doing or telling us.

We utilize our unconscious mind continually, without ever knowing it. The unconscious mind is where the power really resides. It is where we can be influenced, affected, and moved emotionally. But we lack the ability to consciously tap into it.

Hypnosis takes us straight to that unconscious part of our mind so that we can tap into it, take from it, and apply what we’ve collected on a conscious level at some time later. Where hypnosis is effective is in the part of the mind that holds our fundamental beliefs. It is at that level of depth that influence can be applied effectively.

That is why hypnosis is directed at the unconscious mind, where it can have the most benefit. It won’t prevent feelings of sadness. It will help you tap into the core of the matter, and help identify it and draw it out on a conscious level, where you can deal with it more effectively.

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