Inferiority Complex and Stuttering

Inferiority Complex and Stuttering

Out of the many psychological effects that stuttering can cause in people suffering from it is inferiority complex. When a person has inferiority complex, it simply means that he considers himself lower in some way or the other in comparison with his peers or others. Inferiority complex is found to exist in most stutterers because of their low confidence which is caused by their inability to speak fluently. Non-fluent speaking is common even in normal people but the incidence of stuttering is more in stutterers than others.

Non-fluent speaking comes in the way of stutterers in every aspect of life as most of our lives have to be dealt with in effective communication. Starting from schools and colleges to work places, speech by people is needed in one form or the other to prove their skills and abilities. In such a scenario when everybody else is able to do it without any hassles, stutterers find it to present themselves through their speech skills. This makes them feel that they do not possess the skills which their peers possess. Even if some of them feel that they are worth their salt, they realize that they lack in one thing which their peers are good at making them feel inferior to others.

Similarly at home or in their surroundings if the stutterers are teased for their problem, they will not be willing to express their thoughts or feelings.

This will not only make them retreat into a shell and portray an introverted personality but will also make them feel incompetent in their surroundings. This naturally promotes the inferiority complex in them and eventually flares into an inner anger which may have disastrous consequences. Generally, the consequences of inferiority complex are not good for the person suffering from it. It decreases the confidence level of the stutterer, prevents him from making any advancement in the form of communication and also from approaching others to help him in his problem.

When a stutterer faces a hurdle in every walk of life because of his stuttering, it is natural for him to develop an inferiority complex. If symptoms of such a feeling are noticed in a stutterer, friends and family of the stutterer must support him by highlighting his positives and achievements. Only with the constant encouragement can a stutterer come out of such a state of mind and this must be kept in mind to help the stutterer lead a peaceful life.

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