Internal and External Natural Skin Care

Internal and External Natural Skin Care

There are many things in life that we have a tendency to take for granted. Often we don’t think about these things or areas of our life until something goes wrong. An example that illustrates this point could be the taking of one’s health for granted. Specifically, we could be eating anything that we wanted. Then one day we experience and extreme ache in one of our teeth. It is when this pain is experienced that we realize that perhaps we have neglected oral hygiene or have eaten something that was not beneficial to prevent tooth decay.

Another part of our body that is often taken for granted is our skin. Often this important part of the human body is counted on to provide protection and maintain the temperature of the body without being given a second thought. However, there may be ongoing damage being experienced by the skin on a daily basis that ultimately may lead to skin disease.

Therefore, it is important to provide skin care. Two primary ways of providing natural skin care fall into two categories. Those categories include exterior care and internal care of the skin.

External Natural Skin Care

There are two specific ways that an individual can provide natural skin care for the exterior part of their skin. Those two specific ways are through the exfoliation process and by applying quality lotions or creams.

Exfoliation is a process in which the individual takes a dry brush and lightly scrubs their skin. This is an important process because the skin is always reproducing itself and therefore dense skin remains on the surface. This procedure can be done with a soft bristle brush made of natural material.

By lightly scrubbing the skin dead skin is dislodged. This in turn keeps the pores of the skin unclogged which reduces the buildup of oil in the pores. In addition to stimulating the skin, this exfoliating process stimulates the circulation of blood and the lymph system.

It is best to conduct this natural skin care process prior to the morning shower. In that way the loosened skin can be washed away.

One additional way of providing a natural skin care solution to this important organ of the body is by restoring some of the natural features of skin. For example, if an individual’s skin is dry and flaky a quality skin moisturizer can be applied to help restore some of the moisture that has been lost. In addition, as the body begins to age it loses some of its elasticity. This is to the fact that collagen levels of the skin are reduced. To help minimize this loss of collagen and subsequent wrinkling, natural skin care products can be applied.

Internal Natural Skin Care

As part of caring for the skin externally, it is also important to care for the skin internally. This internal natural skin care can be accomplished through one’s diet.

The first critical part of a diet to produce healthy skin is through the drinking of proper amounts of water. Water not only helps to hydrate the body but helps to eliminate waste products. This is accomplished by flushing the kidneys with the proper amounts of water as well as maintaining the right digestive balance. Specifically, insufficient amounts of water can cause constipation. Constipation is an in balance of the digestive system which retains waste products within the body. This retention of waste products ultimately affects the health of the skin.

Other important features of a quality diet that can help aid in natural skin care is a diet rich in fiber. This important diet component aids the digestive system and helps in the elimination of waste products.

One other important dietary item that should be found in a person’s healthy eating should be the ingestion of good fats. This is because these good fats aid in the reproduction of cells and assist in the production of hormones and essential body chemicals. Both the reproduction of cells and assistance of the production of hormones and chemicals contribute to healthy skin.

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