Is it Normal to Feel Sick After Quitting Smoking?

Is it Normal to Feel Sick After Quitting Smoking?

The withdrawal of smoking from the body may affect people in different ways. Many people start feeling sick after quitting smoking. They feel physically and mentally sick for some days or even weeks after their last cigarette. The symptoms may involve nausea and the feeling of vomiting along with a feeling of fever and stomach cramps.

The question is, is it normal for the smokers to feel after quitting smoking? Well, according to many studies most of the smokers feel sick in the first few days of their attempt to quit smoking. This is normal and actually a sign of the body getting over its addiction.

Any smoker will crave cigarettes after giving them up. This craving can affect the psychology and body of that person in different ways. These affect can vary from person to person. The person may feel irritability, headache and nausea. Many people may also go through acute depression. Stomach and digestive troubles are also quite common in such cases.

The reasons behind such symptoms are that the body gets used to the effects of cigarettes and they crave for it. Even our brain which is addicted to the effects of cigarettes craves them. Since you are refusing to give the body and brain the stimulation of cigarettes, they will start giving you the problems to make it hard for you to quit smoking and you give up. Due to this we start to feel sick.

But you must never start smoking again if you are not feeling well. These sickness and other symptoms are just temporary and they will subside in few days. In order to overcome the feeling of nausea, drink lots of fluids and take plenty of rest.

Most of the sick feeling is generally because of the fact that your lungs and stomach are used to of the nicotine and smoke in your body. In the absence of those, they get confused and start reacting funny. In order to reduce this sickness, you will have to use your willpower.

Another reason for the nausea is that when we smoke the oxygen level drops in our body. This is a very bad thing for us but still slowly our body starts adjusting to that oxygen level. But as soon as we quit smoking, the oxygen level starts to rise. Unable to comprehend the changed situation, the balance of the body gets disturbed for some time. Now, we all know that excess of oxygen makes us sick, even though the oxygen level doesn’t actually increase unnaturally but it still gets higher than we are used to of. As a result, we start to feel nauseated.

But this feeling will subside once our body gets used to of the increased amount of oxygen in your lungs. Sometimes we may also feel sick after quitting smoking because in the absence of smoke, our lungs start to clear up. As a result, they try to throw out the accumulated mucous. This mucous may also make us feel like we are about to throw up.

In the end, it is common for the people who are trying to quit smoking to feel sick and nauseated. All they have to do is to let this feeling pass and not give in to the weakness. If they remain strong in this period, then they will definitely be able to quit cigarettes and lead a healthy life.

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