Naturopathic Treatment for Endometriosis

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As many as 20 to 50 percent of all women who have infertility problems are diagnosed with endometriosis. Toronto naturopathic doctor is the right place for you.

This phenomenon, in which the area outside the uterus begins to thicken, peels and bleeds, resulting in growths, lesions, cysts and local inflammation, which can cause very severe pain, otherwise affects as many as 10 to 15 percent of all women. And the numbers are getting higher every year.

Despite a good knowledge of the disease, science does not yet know the exact cause, and treatment can also be started with the help of naturopathy.

Deficiency of the urogenital area

In naturopathy, we are not talking about endometriosis, but about a deficiency of the urogenital area, which is related to hormonal imbalance. This can be the cause of amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, PMS, pregnancy problems and, of course, endometriosis.

This type of deficit is very directly dependent on the woman’s diet. If we eat too many carbohydrates (OH), they trigger insulin fluctuations in the body, which disrupt the glands and hormone production. In endometriosis and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, it makes sense to limit intake OH only for breakfast.

Increase protein intake and avoid from sweets

So if we want to get our hormones back into a healthy balance, the right diet is very important. You should eat lots of proteins. For example, two eggs a day, meat and fish, and especially huge amounts of vegetables and legumes.

Fruit is also on the list of junk foods, as it is sweet and also affects insulin fluctuations. For the same reason, it is advisable to women with hormonal problems and endometriosis not to drink sugary drinks and recommended that they choose wine over juice or beer instead of other alcoholic beverages or juices.

Self-massage on the foot area

What about exercise? “Of course, regular physical activity also regulates hormones, so it definitely makes sense. But with endometriosis and hormonal problems, it’s not crucial, which can be said for food and drink,” Brajnikova replies.

With the appearance of endometriosis and the support of hormonal balance, a woman can also help herself with self-massage in the area of ​​the foot, which circulates and drives vital energy through the area of ​​the lower back and uterus.

Through self-massage, we also indirectly activate the will to health and the process of self-healing. People have the power to take responsibility for their health into their own hands, to be able to manage their body and not just helplessly observe. There is a lot we can do for ourselves and our health by simply changing our habits.

It is important to pay attention to what we eat as it has a strong effect on our overall health.

Make sure to choose naturopathy if you are experiencing endometriosis. It is proven to be very helpful in this condition and always delivers positive results.

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