Obesity – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Obesity – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you know what Obesity actually is? Hmm Well! Not exactly it’s somewhat related to being fat I think! You might have heard two persons or a group of people talking about the “Obesity” issue a lot these days. The term “Obesity” has become the center of our attention due to increase in obese persons around us. Its crucial to understand this term with a detailed look on all important factors related to it. This article aims at educating the reader with specific emphasizes on causes, symptoms and treatment of obesity.

Actually Obesity is the extreme stage of being fat! Having some extra pounds and being obese isn’t the same thing. People mostly confuse the two concepts concluding them to be the one and same thing. But this is not the case. If the weight isn’t controlled then a time comes when your body swells up resulting in becoming the victim of obesity. Now the point comes that what causes one to be an obese person. There are several reasons for it like it can be a parental tendency, disorder in food burning metabolism, psychological factors, environmental issues, over eating habits or lack of daily exercise etc. An obese patient can show the symptoms of lack of harmony in facial features, sudden increase in weight, increased BMI level and abnormal growth tendency. An obese person can have any one or more of these symptoms depending upon the stage of obesity.

Obesity turns out to be the cause of several diseases like diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure, heart trouble, stomach disorders, breathing issues and psychological disorders. In order to be secure from these diseases doctors suggest several treatments to obese patients. Obesity treatment can be categorized in two types. The one is non-surgical and the other is surgical treatment. Those who can be cured without going for surgery are given medicines, diet plans and exercise schedule. For those who come near the danger level, doctors cure them by surgery. The treatment assures the negation of weight gaining for the rest of patient’s life.

So if you are an obese patient and still behaving in a careless manner then you should consult a doctor at once about your permanent remedy!

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