Parents! – Do Not Pamper Your Child to Become Obese


Obesity prevention in childhood is a key factor in urging a strong response to the current epidemic. Health professional should be especially alert in early identification of overweight and obese children. But apart from health professional there is an urgent need for general public alertness. Parents can play a very important role in preventing as well as treating obesity in their children. This will not only improve the health status of the individual but also will improve the epidemic scenario as well. Parents should recognize the root cause of obesity. In general, it is being observed that the rapid rise in childhood obesity has been mirrored by an explosion of non active leisure pursuits for children such as computer and video games. Television watching is one of the major causes of inactivity giving rise to obesity in children. Substantial decline in physical activity have been reported. Even modern trends of taking ready to prepared as well as fast food also is adding to childhood obesity.

Obesity in childhood is associated with many of the disease likely to be appearing in adulthood such as hypertension, sleep-disordered breathing, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance, accompanied by social stigmatization. So, with the growing prevalence, it is the time to awaken our conscience towards preventing this epidemic. I would like to give some suggestion to all my concerned parents.

If any one of you either father or mother are obese remember you have to be more conscious compared to others. If both parents are obese then I think you have to be conscious from the conception onwards.

Always remember that fat cells number will grow in childhood itself, but after attaining adulthood fat cells size will grow rather than number.

Do not make your child to become habituated to faulty food habit like eating chips which contain trans fat and may place your child at higher risk of acquiring fat.

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