Quit Smoking – Why Do Completely Logical People Smoke

Quit Smoking – Why Do Completely Logical People Smoke

A person who is dying from smoking induced cancer, told me she couldn’t understand why she continued to smoke. Even after a bout of chemotherapy she returned to smoking.

When abstaining she admitted to feeling happier, having more energy, feeling less sick and smelling prettier. Yet she returned to smoking. And she couldn’t even understand why. Sure she admitted to liking smoking, but the cost of doing so was seriously eroding the length and quality of her life, yet she continued.

She spoke of colleges who worked in oncology wards in hospitals, nursing even young clients with lung cancer, then walking outside during a break and light up a cigarette. Makes absolutely no sense at all, yet these people weren’t morons, there were intelligent highly trained professionals.

The question is why does smoking affect so many, otherwise sensible people in such a profound way.

There are many theories, such as the effect of nicotine addiction, but the success of hypnosis as a smoking remedy proves nicotine is a small player. Most smokers acknowledge that they can go for lengthy periods without smoking if necessary.

Through the night, on flights, at work in the movies, during colds or illness etc, there are many times when smoking can’t be done, but when it’s over instead of thinking, I don’t really need to smoke, you just light up.

The belief that smoking manages stress is another false reason to continue. But before you exclaim that you just can’t do without a cigarette to get through your tough day, just stop and have a look around, and notice that the non smoking people in your world aren’t collapsing in a heap of stress, they are doing just fine.

Many people continue to smoke because they believe it is too difficult to quit. This myth has been built and built for decades. Even current quit ads continue the myth by telling people, that each attempt will get them closer.

Another old myth is that it is harder to quit cigarettes than heroin. Pure fiction! Addicts need professional detox centres, specialist medical assistance, and have to endure a drawn out painful process.

Smokers on the other hand experience some anger and physical discomfort, the worst of which last just a few minutes.

You can keep trying to quit with toxic patches, or mind bending drugs, or you can quit just as quickly or as slowly you book your Hypnosis session, and finally join the non smokers of the world

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