Self Hypnosis, IQ and Genius


(Maybe a better title could be “How to become a Genius”)

Most people fail to achieve a ‘state’ of genius because they do not have the right tool to imprint into their Subconscious minds all those useful, supportive beliefs and values that will allow them to easily and quickly access the ‘genius’ that is inside everyone alive.

Most people fail to achieve a ‘state’ of great and permanent health because they do not have the right tool to imprint into their Subconscious minds all those useful, supportive beliefs and values that will make their bodies respond with radiant, youthful health.

Most people cannot learn “How to Think like a Millionaire” because they do not have the RIGHT tool to imprint into their Subconscious minds the Millionaire Mind Secrets of the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires!

Most people cannot develop wonderful, fulfilling relationships because they do not have the right tool to imprint into their Subconscious minds those useful, supportive beliefs and values that will attract those relationships into their lives.

And YOUR GREATEST tool to help you accomplish all of the above and more is “SELF-HYPNOSIS, your ability to place yourself into a deep altered (trance) states and have your Subconscious mind totally open and ready to receive and accept your instructions and commands.

Do you want to become an inventive and creative genius? Is your goal to make money, lots of money? Do you want to Become healthier? Do you want to Improve your relationships?

Whatever your goal, YOUR Subconscious mind is the key to the achievement of those goals and the BEST and fastest tool to use is Self-hypnosis.

Being able to function at will at the deepest alpha and theta levels, where YOU have quick and easy access to your Subconscious mind, is the MOST valuable tool you will ever learn.

Are you ready to learn the method used by the world’s greatest geniuses, YOUR FASTEST way to financial success, money, wealth, riches, health and happy relationships?


They FAIL because they do NOT teach you HOW TO use the deep altered (hypnotic) states to access and reprogram the contents of your Subconscious mind.

Instead, they LIMIT you to use ONLY your Conscious mind, the same mind telling you that you are a failure, that it is hard to make money, that you will never be rich. Changes are superficial and temporary.

And they seldom teach you HOW to identify and eliminate all the conflicting beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behaviors blocking your financial goals — without your conscious knowledge.

You can set all the creative, financial, health and relationship goals you want with your Conscious mind. But, if your Subconscious does NOT ACCEPT them (because of conflicting beliefs, values and rules), you will NEVER achieve them.


Self-hypnosis is your fastest way to health, financial success and is definitely the KEY to genius.

Many are familiar with the famous Napoleon Hill and his nightly ‘reunions’ with his Invisible Counselors, nine departed geniuses. In his imagination, he would hold conversations with these geniuses asking them for their help and inspiration in changing and reprogramming his personality weaknesses and pitfalls. Read the Chapter on “The Sixth Sense” in his best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”.

When performing this task, Napoleon Hill was in a deep trance (hypnotic) state – even though he did not call it that way most likely because ‘hypnosis’ had such a undeservedly bad reputation during those days. And even today, many people are still too superstitious to use self-hypnosis to achieve their goals.

In what state was Albert Einstein when he was traveling on a beam of light while trying to formulate his “Theory of Relativity”? You guessed it. In a light or deep trance state.

Nikola Tesla, one of the world’s greatest inventive geniuses, would go into that ‘twilight’ state known as deep hypnosis and would start all his electromechanical inventions working IN HIS MIND. He would come back to them days or weeks later and be able to see the wear and tear and whatever improvements were needed, ALL IN HIS HEAD.

Leonardo Da Vinci used to concentrate on the wall until going into trance in order to connect with the Universal Source where supposedly all answers are stored.

Thomas Edison was famous for his “catnaps” during which his Subconscious MIND would provide answers to his questions. He trained himself to operate in deep trance without falling asleep by holding a can, yes, a metal can.

Mozart was not only great at putting himself in a trance state, he was also a great ‘channeler’. During trance, he would receive his music as if someone were dictating to him, and he was just taking notes.

The great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff lost his touch. He underwent hypnosis sessions. Following post-hypnotic suggestions, he wrote his Concerto #2, his most famous work, which he dedicated to his hypnotist.

Frederick Chopin, Goethe and Metternich were serious students of Hypnosis at the University of Strausbourg, France.

Many people are familiar with “The Treasure Island” and “Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde”, works of Robert Louis Stevenson. What you and they do not know is that every night at bedtime he would go into trance and instruct the little “brownies” inside his head to come up with stories that would make money for him.

The famous financier J. P. Morgan had a special table in his yacht. Whenever confronted with a financial decision, he would get a deck of cards and play ‘solitaire’ games for about an hour. After that, the answer would be clear in his mind. During all that time, he was in a state of trance, totally concentrated on the card game, and his Subconscious was able to find the solution without the interference of the Conscious part of his mind.

Famous financier Henry Kaiser would go into a deep trance state each night before going to sleep and would give ASSIGNMENTS for his Subconscious mind to carry out. No wonder he was so successful. He was using the method of the geniuses. Read about him.


Hypnotic trance (deep altered states) is the KEY to genius, health, wealth, love, you name it.

Once you develop the ability to hypnotize yourself AT WILL, you may reprogram your mind in any way, shape or form you so desire.

I am talking about “going into a deep hypnotic trance”. I am talking not only about functioning at the alpha level, but also at deep theta levels with FULL CONSCIOUS AWARENESS — any time, anywhere, at WILL!

Sure, there are techniques like visualization, affirmations, NLP, others that you may use to make changes in your subconscious computer. ALL these techniques are TREMENDOUSLY AMPLIFIED when in the hypnotic trance state.

And there are many, many things that NONE of those techniques will allow you to achieve. Only DEEP trance states will allow you to achieve them — it is all a matter of habit and practice. Once you master Self-hypnosis, YOU will be using the FASTEST method known to men to deliberately bypass your Conscious mind and implant new beliefs, values, rules directly into the Subconscious part of your mind, make the changes you desire quickly and easily, and set and achieve your goals, ANY goals in ANY area, much FASTER than before — with the HELP of your Subconscious mind.

By using deep altered states, you will be able to reach the deepest levels of your Subconscious mind, change your Self-Image, TRAIN your Subconscious minds to GUIDE YOU in achieving all your goals, and REJECT all the negative thoughts and beliefs coming daily from many external sources.


Here are a few examples of some of the things you could accomplish using self-hypnosis – a lot faster and easier that using any other method.


As you think about all those painful, hurtful memories of past failures, rejections and setbacks, a past filled with memories of frustrations and disappointments, how do you feel right now about yourself, about what you can or cannot do, about your current attitude to tackle new problems and face new challenges?

I bet that every time you go over those memories of failures and disappointments, you again feel the pain or humiliation. Those painful memories make you feel like a failure, a loser, hopeless, right?

You feel as though you are carrying this heavy load. And you most likely do NOT have either the enthusiasm or the courage needed to go forward and tackle head on anything that comes your way.

There is no question that all those memories of past failures and setbacks and limitations have molded your Self-Image to make you the person you are today. And they are preventing you from having all your energy available in PRESENT time.

What would happen if ALL DAY long you had in your conscious awareness the old memories of failure and disasters with money or in any other area? You would be overwhelmed. And you would not be able to think about anything else. And you would not be able to function at all in ANY area of your life.

To avoid this paralyzing situation, the Subconscious minds suppresses those memories so that they are not in your conscious awareness all day long. Your Subconscious is using lost of precious energy trying to protect you by KEEPING those memories OUT OF your conscious awareness most of the time.

That amount of energy should ideally be available to you in order to deal with your present and/or your future. But it is not. Some or most of your energy is being unproductively used to suppress the painful memories of your past. Therefore, you are like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari functioning only on 4 or 5 cylinders instead of 12.

Your Self-Image is composed of all those negative, painful, limiting recordings about yourself AND your capabilities, based on your evaluation of those negative past events.

If you could, almost by magic, neutralize or even eliminate all those painful memories of setbacks, do you believe that you would feel and behave differently?

If you could employ some technique so that every time you thought about your past you could ONLY remember wonderful memories of so many victories and great accomplishments, would you feel maybe unstoppable, even invincible?

You most definitely would. You would feel and behave like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari cruising on 12 cylinders at speeds over 200 miles per hour. And you could accomplish just about anything you wanted.

Why? Because by changing the memories of your past you will be changing your Self-Image. You will be creating new neuron connections. You will be creating a totally different past, a past filled with success and great victories.

How would feel right now if you could only remember ALWAYS being successful, if you could not remember failing at anything EVER? You would always think in terms of success, and never in terms of failure. You would not even think that you could possibly fail. You would have an incredible confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve anything you want.

In their book “Trance-formations”, pg. 169, Richard Bandler and John Grinder stated that “one very nice thing about hypnosis is it gives you the ability to create alternative history”.

Then, on pg.197, they stated that if a past experience created in your life some limiting beliefs with its corresponding attitudes and behaviors, reliving that experience EXACTLY THE WAY IT HAPPENED over and over will only keep REINFORCING those same limitations.

They also tell us that therapists Virginia Satir and the famous Milton Erickson, MD, the greatest medical hypno-therapist, would make people regress in time, using deep trance states, and then relive these past experiences but in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way.

These people were having their past REARRANGED AND REWIRED in a different way. So, when they came out of trance, they essentially had a different past, one that supported them instead of limiting them.

Can you see the tremendous implications? You could go back to those old memories of having money problems, or all those old memories where you made the wrong moves and got the wrong results, or when you lost money or had a hard time making money.

And then, you would replay those memories over and over again. But now, you always succeed, you always make the right move, you always make lots of money easily, you always succeed in all your financial investments. You have changed your past. You created an alternative reality. And your mind will accept it as being true.

Can you imagine what you would be like, how you would feel and how you would behave if you ONLY REMEMBER being ALWAYS financially successful in your past? And if you could do it in a real deep hypnotic trance, when your RAS (Reticular Activating System) is shut-off, it will be as real to you as if it had actually happened exactly this NEW way.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time you think about your past experiences with MONEY (or in any other area) you could only remember being always successful? Just imagine for a moment if you could only remember success after success. Do you think much of your energy would be wasted in suppressing all those memories of past failures, and pain and disappointments? Of course not. You would feel invincible. And you would be invincible in the financial area (or any other area). And you would act that way because your Self-Image would be phenomenal.

Done under deep, deep hypnosis, people can be given an alternative history. One can create totally new memories in the person’s mind. It does not matter that those things never happened. To your mind they will be just as real. YOU ARE CREATING A NEW PAST. JUST AS YOU ARE CREATING YOUR FUTURE WHEN YOU VISUALIZE FUTURE EVENTS AND VISUALIZE AND IMAGINE THEM HAPPENING EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Reprogramming the past may require for you to be at a very deep hypnotic trance. By using light trance states, it may take longer to make the changes desired.


Many of you have most likely heard about Napoleon Hill and his book “Think and Grow Rich”, famous all over the world. It is among the top bestsellers of all times.

In Ch.14 of his book, “The Sixth Sense”, he described a powerful technique that he used for many years to reprogram his Self-Image and model himself after the fashion of some great people that he admired, and who had those traits that he wanted to acquire.

Mr. Hill himself declared that he used this method in order to overcome the handicap of being born in an environment filled with limitations, superstition and ignorance.

First, he selected nine great men he admired: Edison, Emerson, Burbank, Napoleon, Paine, Darwin, Lincoln, Carnegie and Ford. And he read everything about their lives. He also had personally interviewed some of them, so he was quite familiar with their thinking and working habits.

Then, he used the weapon of auto-suggestion (looks familiar?) in order to imprint the specific characteristics he wanted to acquire from each one.

Every night, at bedtime, he would picture in his imagination this big conference table and sitting at these table he saw all these great men. He was the Chairman of the Board at these meetings.

He would address each one of these nine great men and would ask this individual to imprint in his mind the traits that he, Napoleon Hill, desired from him. He did that for many months.

In another of his many books, he added that several times during his normal working hours, he would pause for a minute or two, close his eyes, see in his imagination all these great men sitting at the table and he would REMIND himself that he was becoming like these men.

Later on, he would call on these “Invisible Counselors” for GUIDANCE regarding many of his personal problems, as well as those of his clients. And the guidance he got was always astonishing.

You should realize by now that Napoleon Hill was in a “deep trance” state while imagining all these great men talking with him and giving him advise as well as imprinting in his Subconscious computer those new beliefs, attitudes and behaviors he wanted to acquire from these famous men. Of course, he did not want to mention that word “hypnosis” – which was and still is TABOO for some many people whose minds are still RULED BY heavy and totally erroneous religious beliefs – more accurately religious superstitions and nonsense.

You can use this same technique to receive help and guidance to carry out your financial goals.

Just see or imagine hat you see every night, as you go to bed, that you assemble around your imaginary table characters like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Paul Getty, Aristotle Onassis, even Donald Trump or a Bill Gates, or anyone else you admire when it comes to money and wealth. They can be dead or alive, or fictional characters. It works the same


To your mind they are all real, the reason being that your Subconscious cannot tell the difference within a “REAL” picture and an “IMAGINARY” picture, if imagined VIVIDLY enough or with enough feelings/emotions. You can even ask advice on what you are not doing correctly or how to improve your “batting” success with investments from these “imaginary” characters.

You must understand that these are imaginary meetings with imaginary characters that you create in your imagination – and has nothing to do with other methods that will allow you to tune to the disembodied “personalities” of geniuses of the past or other human beings who have lived on this planet before in order to receive their help and guidance.


Scientists in the former Soviet Union, known as Parapsychologists, developed techniques way ahead of anything that the U.S scientist had in this area. And the soviet scientists did it with soviet government grants. One of these techniques was known as “Artificial” Reincarnation.

As documented in the book titled “Psychic discoveries behind the Iron Curtain” by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, the man mainly responsible for this technique was Dr. Vladimir L. Rainkov, psychiatrist and master hypnotist. You may also read about it in a book titled “The Einstein Factor” by Win Winger and Richard Poe, Ch. 8, pg 160-182.

Dr. Rainkov stated the following: “I am able to evoke this phenomenon of reincarnation only when the subject is in exceedingly deep trance”.

In “Trance-formations”, Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their book pg. 185-189, talk about Deep-Trance Identification, “a state of consciousness in which the subject assumes the identity of someone else…. one of the hardest hypnotic phenomena of all”. Therefore, the subject MUST be put in an extremely deep trance in order to be able to implant these new past into the subject’s mind without crashing against his previous belief system, which includes his current identity.

After selecting the genius most appropriate to the area in which the subject wants to excel, he/she would read and learn as much as possible about this genius. Then, Dr. Rainkov would hypnotize him/her, not only once but many, many times during a period of weeks, using many “reincarnation” sessions.

While in a VERY deep trance state, he would give him/her instructions to the effect that he/she is that genius, that he/she thinks, sees, acts, produces like and has all the talents and abilities of that genius. After a few of these sessions the subject started to incorporate to his/her own personality, and in varying degrees, those talents and abilities that supposedly belonged to that particular genius. There was no substitution of personality.

Even though when under hypnosis the subject thought that he/she was that genius, he/she did not forget who he/she was when returned to full awakening consciousness. But his/her new talents and abilities started to explode.

Notice that the subject must FIRST learn everything possible about the personality he/she wants to reincarnate, so that his/her Subconscious mind stores enough information on how that personality used to think, see and act.

It would be totally useless to put you in the deepest possible trance state and tell you that you think, see and act like Einstein and that you are Einstein. And then I bring you out of trance only to find out that you do not have the slightest idea who this Einstein person was and you never heard of him in your entire life. And how can your Subconscious mind make you think, see and act like somebody IT has no previous history about?

In Win Wenger’s “The Einstein Factor”, he presents a couple of methods that do not go through a FORMAL hypnotic induction. Winger’s method is a more sophisticated version of the one used by Napoleon Hill.

And contrary to what W. Wenger claims, the person using this method still goes into a self-induced trance state, make no mistakes about it. The subject does not go through a FORMAL induction. Still, by the very nature of the procedure, a light and maybe even deep trance state will be achieved. Results will be much faster when using very deep trance states.


Due to lack of training, most people are not capable of functioning consciously EVEN at the alpha level. They fall asleep. On the other hand, geniuses operate at much lower frequencies than most people, predominantly at the deepest alpha and theta levels.

When you start practicing self-hypnosis you TRAIN yourself to LOWER your brainwave frequencies so that you begin to operate at a level at which your mind will absorb new information much quicker and more readily. And you will have access to talents, abilities and capabilities that you did not even know you could have.

Your goal should be to keep practicing every day until you are able to function at the deepest alpha and even theta levels WITHOUT FALLING ASLEEP. The more you practice, the deeper you will be able to go WITHOUT FALLING ASLEEP. And with a lot of practice, you should be able to function in a deep hypnotic trance even while talking to people and walking and moving around with your eyes “wide” open. And then, you will be able to accomplish quire amazing things.


I want to warn you that once you get proficient at using self-hypnosis, you will be very tempted when faced with an unwanted habit or behavior to quickly hypnotize yourself and give yourself new instructions to ‘program’ or imprint in your mind a new habit or behavior. Refrain from doing it.

First, use what you already learned to identify what limiting belief is responsible for that habit or behavior. And then, proceed to eliminate that useless belief BEFORE reprogramming the new data.

Otherwise, you are opening yourself to the dangers of “Symptom Substitution”, which means that, in the presence of stored limiting beliefs/values that are opposing the new instructions and goals you are new ‘programming’ into your Subconscious, one of the following can happen:

(1) you new instructions are totally rejected

(2) your new instructions are only temporarily accepted and in a certain amount of time you go back the previous belief/behavior/situation

(3) your new instructions are permanently accepted — BUT the old limiting beliefs and values, which MUST be expressed, find a destructive outlet in a completely different area of your life and you do not have the slightest clue as to what or why this is happening.


In a not very distant future, genius will be regarded with a lot LESS admiration than today because using the tools of self-hypnosis, it will become normal to operate at the genius level.

But at least, let me tell you that you can use self-hypnosis very easily to change your Self-Image, improve your financial talents, abilities and capabilities and help you make more money, improve your health dramatically, skyrocket your inventive/creative genius and develop wonderful relationships. That should be enough to get you excited about the possibilities of self-hypnosis.

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