Shy bladder hypnosis: A shy bladder really isn’t something that you should be either embarrassed or concerned about, in this day and age it is actually common; reports indicate that over 7% of Americans suffer from a shy bladder which can also be referred to as a bashful bladder, urophobia, or to name it technically: paruresis (pronounced par-YOU-ree-sis). In this article you will learn how hypnosis can treat a shy bladder.

What is a shy bladder? So what actually is a shy bladder? Hypnosis professionals approach this condition from the same angle as the diagnostic and statistical manual (a big book of symptoms and mental illnesses) does, which states that the condition is a social phobia, the main symptom being that the suffer can’t urinate in any public pace such as rest rooms when not alone.

Because paruesis is included in the DSM, people suffering from the condition actually have access to certain rights, for example you can get out doing a drug screening on the grounds that you’re unable to fill up the cup.

Should I be concerned about treating a shy bladder with hypnosis? A shy bladder may be something that you think doesn’t need treating, but in reality it can be very problematic. The main concern being that as you can’t pee; enormous strain is put on your bladder. This means that if left untreated a shy bladder can kill you (I’m not scare mongering…honest!), after long periods of ‘mal-urination’ your bladder or even worse your kidney will become infected, which as mentioned before will result in a cadaver.

This happens because urine is your body’s natural way of expelling the toxin urea, which is made during protein metabolism (breaking down certain types of fat), when your bladder if full your kidneys have nowhere to put the urea, which attract bacteria who then infect your organs.

Why hypnosis?

Shy bladder hypnosis is recommended for treating this condition because hypnotic suggestion talks directly to the subconscious mind, this is necessary for getting rid of paruesis mainly because the thing that is causing you to suffer from the condition is in your subconscious mind.

In a ’04 survey 54% of people said that they experienced the condition first in school after having been bullied, whereas others had (unsurprisingly) reported that they started to suffer after having experienced a traumatic experience in a bathroom while young, the most common being seeing a close family member engaging in sexual activities.

Is hypnosis the best form of treatment? Shy bladder hypnosis is one, if not the most effective treatments for bashful bladder syndrome. As stated above paruresis is a psychological disorder, therefore it makes perfect sense to treat it psychologically.

In contrast to drug treatment, shy bladder hypnosis is much more logical. Drug treatment implies that there is a physical cause to the illness, when in reality there isn’t.

Additionally because drug treatment isn’t resolving the underlying cause of a shy bladder, it doesn’t actually get rid of the condition. This means that, if you do decide to use drug treatment you will have to do so for the rest of your life.

Not only is this a problem in terms of convince as you will be popping pills all the time, but if you do forget on occasions then the condition will return.

Additionally the costs are exponentially more than a course of shy bladder hypnosis; the drugs which treat paruresis are (at their cheapest) $4 per week, the average human lives just over 4,000 weeks in their life time which would be $12,000 + in a life time. Shy bladder hypnosis is a comparative bargain by this standard, considering that a self-hypnosis tape could go for as little as $5.

What kinds of hypnosis are available?

There are two main types of shy bladder hypnosis. The first is traditional counselling style hypnosis; the typical setup of this treatment is hypnotherapy sessions once a week for around 2-3 months. During this time you will be put in a hypnotic trance and while under the hypnotherapist will use suggestion to rid you of the shy bladder.

This type of hypnosis works because your brain is conditioned by the experiences of your life, the hypnotist can go into your subconscious mind and completely remove this conditioning, think about it like deleting a file on your PC.

The other type of shy bladder hypnosis is self-hypnosis, this works in a similar way to hypnotherapy style treatment. However instead of having someone put you in a hypnotic trance, self-hypnosis takes advantage of anaturally occurring hypnotic trance: Sleep. When sleeping a person’s unconscious mind is more prevalent than their conscious mind, this makes it very easy for a self-hypnosis tape to alter the conditioning in your unconscious mind.

Which is better? The answer to this question is subjective, and will vary from person to person. Some prefer hypnotherapy because it can be tailored to your own individual experience. On the other hand it is much more expensive than a self-hypnosis recording, which can be picked up on Amazon for as little as $5. Another good thing about self-hypnosis is that they can played each night, whereas people only generally see a hypnotherapist once a week, this basically means that you can get in seven self-hypnosis sessions within the time it takes to see a hypnotherapist once. Finally, some have said that they prefer the anonymousness that comes with self-hypnosis

How long will I have to wait for results with hypnosis? The results of any hypnosis session will vary for everyone, however research has indicated that on some people hypnosis has been effective after just the first treatment. However this is not going the case for most, if you’re using shy bladder hypnosis you should begin to see results roughly after a month or so. This of course will depend on the frequency of your treatments.

Still not convinced about hypnosis? You’re still not convinced that getting treated for paruresis? Think about the following.

  • It could save your life.
  • It actually cures you.
  • You won’t have to pop pills for the rest of your life.
  • You can expect results soon after starting.
  • A shy bladder is technically classified as a mental illness, would you want people questioning your health?
  • Hypnosis goes straight to the source and eradicates it.
  • Hypnosis is a bargain compared to other options.
  • You won’t need treating for the rest of your life with hypnosis.

In conclusion a shy bladder isn’t hard to treat, so why wouldn’t you want to, act now before it becomes a real problem.

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