What Does Quitting Smoking Got to Do With Onions?


Well it seems funny but I wanted to tell you my personal story, how an onion and even a radish helped me during my quit smoking process. A few days after I smoked my last cigarette, my lungs were full of phlegm, and I had terrible cravings for a cigarette, especially after a meal.

Having a cigarette at the end of a meal was the only way I could finish eating, I was almost waiting to finish my food so I can get to light a cigarette. I was thinking, how could I finish eating without smoking a cigarette, nothing was comparable or a good enough substitute. I was checking over the internet for different kind of food, which will reduce phlegm and will allow me to breathe better and maybe help to enjoy my meals better.

I found vast amount of information on the net regarding this issue, so I started reading, checking and testing to find out what works best for me. I don’t know if there is any scientific explanation for that but onion and radish helps, it sure helped me.

At the end of the day while preparing my dinner I added (on the side of the plate), one slice or half a slice of a fresh raw onion, and a half of a sliced radish. In the beginning it was a bit difficult for me to eat raw onion, but I got used to it, and today I really enjoy it. Well I don’t expect you to enjoy it too, I know that the taste is difficult, but it really helped me.

I could feel the difference every day, breathing better and even eating less, I think the raw onion helped me finish eating quickly. At the end of dinner I had jasmine tea, which is also known to help reduce phlegm. My goal in this article is to bring people to stop smoking, I wrote this article to show that there is a lot we can do and find solutions for the difficulties we encounter during the process of quit smoking.

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