Zero Waste Cooking Strategy: Cook Once Eat Thrice


What would you do if anyone gave you $1500 suitable now?

That’s the amount of foods that the common American wastes in a 12 months.

I recently experienced the enjoyment to be a guest on dietitian Ellie Krieger‘s  podcast, One Authentic Excellent Factor. We spoke about my new guide and the issue of foods waste. The “good thing” we identified was the thought that “cooking the moment and eating thrice” is equally a system to squander considerably less food and make your existence a lot easier.

Get Inventory, Shop Good

A first move to reducing foods waste is being aware of what you have on hand (in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry cabinets) so you can make a sensible grocery checklist. Then, you will want to make certain that you have a approach for all of the meals you position into your buying cart.

It is also helpful to retain some of these helpful pantry staples and “food squander hero” (as I like to contact them) substances on hand:

  • Pasta, rice and other grains
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Canned beans, tomatoes, salsa, and corn
  • Canned fish
  • Frozen peas
  • Frozen pizza shells
  • Tortillas, pita, naan or other flatbread

Cook When Take in Thrice

One of the strategies I share in the e-book is the notion of making use of an ingredient in many ways by way of the 7 days. You can also cook a meal early in the 7 days that gives a leftover that can convert into new foods later on in the week. Here’s an instance:

  1. On Sunday you could cook dinner a 3-pound pork loin and get pleasure from it for evening meal with some potatoes, a vegetable, and a salad.
  2. On Monday you can enjoy the Pork Pita Pockets with Cucumber Sauce for lunch (you are going to obtain the recipe on web site 233 in the e book). You are going to slice the pork thinly, make the cucumber sauce, and stuff it into a pita.
  3. Then on Tuesday you can use the leftover pork to stuff baked potatoes for meal. Bake your potatoes. Chop the pork and reheat in a pan along with some peppers or onions (or just increase some salsa). Things a sizzling baked potato with the pork mixture and garnish with bitter product or shredded cheese. Provide alongside with a salad for a meal.

It’s that simple! When it will come to zero squander cooking, don’t be worried to stray a minimal from a recipe. Experiment by applying a distinct veggie or spice, or incorporate a little something extra. See what performs. Even the greatest of cooks have “fails”, and each individual food we cook does not have to be the “best ever”.

Squander Fewer, Take in Better

Losing much less food can translate into much better nourishment also. Contemporary fruits and veggies are typically the 1st to be wasted for the reason that they are so perishable. That is where sharing the plate with canned and frozen selections assists. But when you pledge to be much more conscious of the food items you have on hand so you can squander much less, you just might find that you enhance your nourishment!

In addition, you are going to preserve money when you use all of the foods you obtain. It’s a win gain!



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