Beef Tongue For Weight Loss

Tongue is the tenderest and leanest cut of beef. Great for a diet if you can get past the idea of it. It’s high in proteins and nutrients. That is why it is getting so popular. I remember they used to just about give it away till its popularity cause the price to go up. A four pound tongue costs about fifteen dollars now, about the same as family or cube steak.

There is a few tricks to it if it is your first time. You need to start by scrubbing it with a brush. Then place it in cold water for a few hours, make sure you change the water a few times

Get a pan large enough for the tongue and the vegetables. Place carrots, celery, garlic, rosemary or thyme (optional) in the pan. Put the tongue in on top of the vegetables with the skin on. It’s easier to remove the skin after its cooked. Cover with water to a level about two inches above the tongue. Don’t boil hard as this will make it tough, but simmer it for three hours.

You will probably will want to skim off the top a few times during the cooking. When done cooking remove the tongue and place in cold water for just a few seconds so you can handle it. Use a knife or pair of scissors to remove the skin. Place on a platter and slice cross ways to desired thickness. Place vegetables around the tongue and serve.

My friends dad cooked one one time and when it was cool he took a 64 oz. jar of sweet pickles, removed all the pickles and put the in a bowl. He then put the tongue in the pickle juice. He let it set for a few days. When I was over my friend gave me a piece to try, I was very good. I need to fix it that way some time.

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