Large breasts can be great for some women, but for others, it causes a lot of issues to their bodies. Whether this is a bad back, neck pain or even drawn in shoulders, there are a number of issues presented with large breasts. To help relieve some of the pressure on the body, some opt for breast reduction. This can feel daunting at first, but once you have had it, there’s no looking back, you literally feel like there has been a weight lifted off your shoulders. In this article, we will go through some of the best breast reduction recovery tips that will help you get back on your feet in no time. 

Breast Reduction Recovery Times 

Once you have had your breast reduction surgery, your breasts will feel a little tight and your ribs may feel swollen and sore, but after a week’s worth of rest, pending on your occupation, you will be able to return back to work if you don’t do any heavy lifting which if that is the case, then you should have two weeks of rest. For the first couple of days after surgery, you will begin to swell and this can fix itself in at least eight weeks as the wounds have around 90% strength then. 

Tips on breast reduction recovery

Recover, then build your strength up

Sometimes, some people feel fine after their cosmetic surgery in Manchester, but this doesn’t mean that you can get back to normal life straight away as your insides are still recovering which is extremely important. It is best to rest for the first week and allow yourself to have some time off work. Avoid lifting anything heavy or vigorous exercise as this will result in making your scars much worse and hinder recovery times. Having a nice leisurely stroll is beneficial as it helps to keep your blood flowing which in turn prevents blood clots. If you are wanting lite exercise or sexual activity, this should be done no less than a fortnight. 

Keep the chest uplifted

To help with recovery, it helps to be uplifted. Ensuring that you are sitting and laying down correctly helps your blood to circulate and helps to reduce bruising and swelling. For the best recovery, you should sit upright in a chair, and when you are sleeping, you should sleep with at least 2 -3 pillows under your torso as this will help to keep you elevated. This may take some getting used to, but you will get there. 

Avoid gaining weight

When you are recovering, it is all too easy to just keep eating from boredom, but to be honest, this is not going to help your recovery. Instead, eating a healthy balanced diet is what your body needs. It needs all the nutrition it can get to aid in recovery. Healthy fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat are all that your body is craving. Avoiding sugar ad fried food is the best option. If you gain weight whilst recovering or become pregnant, you will not have the desired results as your breasts will swell. 

Having breast reduction can be a life-changing procedure and can benefit you in so many ways. It is crucial that you get the best surgeon possible so having a breast reduction in Manchester will definitely serve you well. 

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