Do You Need A Good Reason To Stop Smoking – How About 5

Do You Need A Good Reason To Stop Smoking – How About 5

Bad habits can stay with you for a long time, but it is your willingness to break the cycle that can make all the difference. Sometimes, things that we may not always realize need to be pointed out, and then we can finally locate methods on how to stop smoking. Often we need a reason to do so. So here are the top five reasons why you should stop smoking:

1. Bad Breath

We can try to be tactful with this one, but let’s be honest. That tobacco is causing your halitosis, and it can be quite offensive to others. If you are going on an interview or embarking on a new relationship, nothing will turn the other person off more than the heavy scent of cigarettes on your breath.

2. Yellowing of Everything

Get to know this color if you plan on smoking for a long time, because it will become a part of your life. If you don’t stop smoking, you will have yellow teeth, yellowish stains on your fingers from the nicotine, and if you have anything white in your home, such as the walls, these too will begin to change color.

3. It is Quite Costly

You should not find yourself choosing between groceries or that pack of cigarettes. If the choice is not clear, then you are addicted, and need to quit smoking immediately. The price of cigarettes, as well as the tax, continues to rise, so imagine how much money you could be saving if you start working on kicking the habit.

4. It is Honestly Time Consuming

While employers cannot necessarily fault you for taking a smoke break, provided you are actually on break, this may take over your life. You might find yourself sneaking off during work, when you’re out with friends, or otherwise, in order to sneak in one more cigarette.

5. Your Health!

If the other reasons do not shake you at all, then above everything else, a reason to stop smoking for good would be because it is killing you. You are slowly turning your lungs from healthy pink to black, you are coughing all the time, you are having trouble breathing, you’re at a great risk for stroke and heart attack. Also, you are putting your loved ones at risk by having them constantly breathe in secondhand smoke.

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