Here’s Why Not Getting Enough Sleep Could Wreck Your Fitness Plan

Lack of sleep can severely affect your daily fitness regime. Excessive workout at the gym, too much use of muscles and not to forget stress when combined with poor sleep are some of the primary triggers behind poor performance at the gym. Insomnia is a medical condition when a person unable to sleep at night. This situation can be a cause for concern. 

Chronic stress is one major factor behind it. Excess workout without sleep does not always result in a healthy body. Also, stress levels nowadays result in tensed muscles. An adult add test can be extremely beneficial in reducing the anxiety levels.

At times, you might feel the need to see your doctor to get your sleeping  pattern fixed. But in most cases, some remedies done at home can be extremely useful, with miraculous results. Some of these remedies are as follows:

Make use of a heating pad

When your body is aching due to excessive workout, you might want to relax your body to sleep well at night. Adequate use of a heating pad can prove to give you instant relief. Always keep a heating pad or hot water bottle handy in a place that is easy to reach. The former option is more convenient and preferable these days. Use the heating pad at the area where your body is hurting, for a few minutes. This can give you immediate relaxation and help you perform well at the gym. 

Indulge in a hot bath

If nothing else works, hit the showers! Soak yourself in a hot bath or take a hot shower to de-stress your body. The hot water will ease the tension in your body . Take a bath for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Do not rush yourself as the purpose is to relax the body and reduce stress in the body. 

Set a sleeping schedule 

When your body is not relaxed and rejuvenated, it cannot do intense workouts. Make sure your body gets adequate amounts of sleep. Try to get some shut-eye for at least 8 to 9 hours daily. Also, try to get to bed early by 9 o’ clock. This can help minimize stress in the body and relax those tensed muscles. 

Avoid stress inducing factors

A logical solution to eliminate chances of insomnia is to avoid stress. Make a list of all stress triggers around you. Check what factors around you increase your stress levels. Is it a project you are working on? It could be an annoying colleague or an unpleasant neighbor. Try to eliminate these issues or resolve them. Simply try to avoid them if nothing else works. 

Refrain from rigorous exercise

Ensure that you do not get involved in any strenuous physical activities or rigorous exercise. Any physically demanding task can aggravate stress. Try to be moderate with your gym sessions. Do not be too ambitious with your fitness goals and be reasonably honest with your body fitness requirements.

Practise yoga

A globally accepted and popular way of meditating and relaxing your mind is yoga. Our day to day activities can worsen our health and muscle condition. Yoga can help us cope with that. Find a secluded area in your home and dedicate at least 20 minutes to yoga. It helps gain peace, mobility and flexibility without straining the body too much. 

In Conclusion 

In case the afore-mentioned methods do not work for you, consider taking medical help to treat your sleeping disorder . Go to a certified medical practitioner to get yourself examined. Your doctor might prescribe you some medicines for relaxation. Or, in some cases, doctors suggest some physiotherapy as treatment to be done twice a month or so. In some extreme cases, your doctor might suggest supplements  as well.