Highlights of Disastrous Cycle of Addiction

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Most of the research conducted for the conclusion of how does one turn towards drug addiction by many suboxone treatment clinics providence, states that addiction is a neurological condition where it is important to understand how it develops and the are the possible recovery process before you get in to a drug addiction treatment. To lead healthier life after the addiction recovery treatment both outside intervention and internal conflicts plays a major role, to ensure best outcome of the treatment one need to break through the repetitive cycle of addiction and understanding the process of recovery.

For most of the people apart from medical aid what helps the most is involvement in self-help group, making efforts to give life a chance or they seek help from religious organizations. Yet many of the individuals seeks help from suboxone doctor providence, counselors and rehabs to get rid of their addiction. But what is common in both the individual is the will-power and determination for recovery themselves.


Addiction is widely defined as obsessive thinking to a compulsive need for drugs mostly illegal, despite knowing the destructive consequence it poses. The main aspect of addiction is 

  • Withdrawal 
  • Tolerance development 

When you are an addict you will often deal with intense physical craving for drugs which often becomes difficult to resist and there are high chances that a addict falls low in front of his craving and give it off.

Disastrous addiction cycle 

Most of the of the suboxone treatment doctors, addiction most likely starts with misuse and gets towards abuse and then when it reaches the level of abuse it turns to addiction which enhances with passing time.

Misuse: Most of the time substance misuse starts in social settings where people using indulge in fun by experimenting drug use, drug commonly attacks the hormones which helps you feel comfortable and relaxed this is why when a person starts it as experiment often end up making it an addiction as drugs helps you set free from any sort of discomfort. As many suboxone doctors, people tend to be under the influence of drug to avoid emotional and physical pain.

Abuse: Right after misuse the continuous consumption of drug moves out of the reality and enters in a situation where a person becomes unable to think a life without drugs which initially becomes the journey of abuse. To fulfil the thirst of drug people mostly end up abusing it.

Addiction: A suboxone doctor near me, states when abuse of drug continues for a prolonged period of time addiction is most obvious to developed. The moment an individual is totally trapped under the cycle of drug addiction the consequence of financial, social, emotional and physical tends to show up.

Breaking the chain of addiction

According to, suboxone clinics near me periods involved in breaking the cycle of addiction are:

  • Precontemplation: This is when an addict does not consider stopping the prolonged use of substance.
  • Contemplation:In this condition, the addict thinks of giving a chance to himself by changing his behaviour with drugs and consider taking an action for his addiction.
  • Preparation: Preparation includes solely the process of mental strength of getting into a treatment program as sublocade treatment centers or drug addiction recovery treatment can be painful path to follow hence determination and focused mind set is very much necessary as most of the situation in treatment process will force you to end the treatment.
  • Action: According to suboxone clinics in this state a addict start of by taking action for the addiction treatment by seeking help from suboxone doctors or getting in to therapies and sessions. When an addict starts to take action the chances of getting off the addiction becomes 90%.
  • Maintenance: It’s the most crucial point of breaking the addiction; maintain the treatment process is very hard, under the treatment an addict will come across withdrawal, craving which are so much hard to resist. Keeping calm and focus is important in this point where most of the individual fails. But if one over comes this phase then beating off the drug addiction seems easier.

The path of addiction recovery is very much a difficult part, but if one is determined enough to get through this then the can and will for sure with the help of doctors and reliable addiction treatment centres it is now possible to start of a life without the trap of opioid.

Recovery Connection

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