How Important Is Penis Size to You? Self Hypnosis for Penis Enhancement!

How Important Is Penis Size to You? Self Hypnosis for Penis Enhancement!

Every man wishes he had a bigger penis, no matter how well endowed he might be. Perhaps it’s the ego that makes us want more than what we are already blessed with. The porn industry has certainly ingrained into the minds of men, that to be masculine you need to be endowed with a massive manhood. Most pornographic images are edited or of models that take life threatening underground drugs. While men should certainly not attempt to live up to the fake standards set by the porn industry, the question arises, ‘how well endowed should a man be?’ Of course there is no clear answer for this question; however studies have shown that the average penis size would be four to six inches.

Penis size can affect one’s self-confidence greatly, either favourably or unfavourably. A man who believes he is well endowed will have a positive perception of his body and will carry this confidence to other areas of his life. Interactions with women will be much easier since he is already a sexually confident man. On the other hand, a man who doesn’t believe he is well endowed might end up with a negative perception of his body and lack the confidence in his masculinity. He might go through life feeling depressed, de-motivated and feeling ‘not good enough for women!’ The insecurity associated with penis size stems from the belief that women prefer men with massive penises and do not wish to associate men with small penises. This belief however is not entirely true. Most women would be repulsed by the thought of having sex with a man having an overly huge penis, often called a ‘horse penis’. At the same time, women will actually prefer a man with an average penis above a man with a small or less than average penis. Each woman is different and what each woman prefers will quite obviously be different. Some men would prefer a big breasted woman, some an average, while some would prefer a small breasted woman. The same applies to women’s preference of penis size. However in general women would prefer at least an average-sized penis, because as most women would say, they need to ‘feel’ the man’s penis.

In case you did wish you had a bigger manhood, what options have you got if you wanted to add a few inches? Well there are plenty of ‘solutions’ out there that will promise to solve all your problems in days. Most of these ‘solutions’ are just gimmicks and scams designed to steal your money. The pills, creams and gels claiming to help you grow your penis will not only leave you with less money but also put your health under great risk. Most of the pills and creams include chemicals that could cause dangerous side-effects. The worst part being, none of these products actually yield results. The customer reviews they post are just made up by themselves with fake accounts.

The two methods that are safe and that will work in helping you grow your penis are penis exercises and self-hypnosis. Most of you would have most probably heard of penis exercises being used for a bigger manhood. Penis exercises certainly make sense, since the penis is after all a muscle and any muscle can be made to grow under the right conditions. There are specific exercises that can be done to enlarge the penile tissue.

The other great method that is not spoken of as much is self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is a powerful way of creating lasting change in your life. Did you know that everything you experience in your life right now, in other words your reality, is a manifestation of what lies in your subconscious mind? Your job, your car, your girl friend, your family, your neighbours and yes, even your physical appearance, is a manifestation of what once prevailed in your subconscious mind. The entire process of manifestation is so complex that it will take an entire article to explain. What you need to know is that self-hypnosis works. Awareness of the effectiveness of self-hypnosis is on the rise and people all over the world are experiencing its magic. While self-hypnosis is widely used to overcome confidence issues, phobias, and for motivation, it can also be used to create change in your physical body. It is in fact much easier to create penis growth since the penis is a sensitive organ to mental stimulation. Your beliefs will create your reality. Self-hypnosis will help you enforce the beliefs that you want in life, in this case, a bigger penis. Your subconscious mind is very powerful and can create for you whatever you desire. However the difficulty lies in reaching the subconscious mind and instructing it to create growth, since the subconscious mind is shadowed by the conscious mind. Self-hypnosis will surpass the conscious mind and reach deep into the subconscious mind and lay the instructions that you desire. Self-hypnosis will bring you results when used alongside penile exercises. Don’t expect to see results by simply doing nothing but listening to self-hypnosis. This is because you need to prove to your subconscious mind that you truly desire a bigger penis by taking positive action towards it. Self-hypnosis along with penile exercises will create lasting, positive changes that will give you greater self-confidence and greater satisfaction to your woman. The best thing about self-hypnosis is that it’s safe! You would have no fear of side effects or any damage to your health. However, you need to be careful to choose an effective self-hypnosis program from a reliable source, designed by a professional hypnotist. Afterall you wouldn’t want junk put inside your mind! So choose only a self-hypnosis program from a reliable source. Self-hypnosis will guide your mind towards creating the reality you always wanted. Visit the link below for the safest, most effective self-hypnosis program

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