Even though it generally isn’t a speech problem that effect every one – having a stutter is a major problem for an unfortunate number of children, teens and grownups these days. A stammer can cause anyone to intentionally avoid conversations with co-workers and friends as well as and avoid interacting with people they meet because they think people will automatically laugh at them. When you consider this, having a stutter can actually ruin any one’s lifestyle.

While it’s true that stuttering genuinely is a massive problem and very often a majorly deeply psychological problem, the reality is, it is possible to stop stuttering. Believe it or not, it’s completely possible to completely kill your stutter and wave good bye to being cursed with a stammer for good.

You may be thinking that this really sounds too good to potentially be true. In fact the truth is is that, having a stammer is a (for the most part) completely psychological problem and a psychological problem that can quite easily be fixed as long as the source of the stuttering problem is revealed.

While it more than likely does seem like this, you’re not (by any means) alone with the stuttering problem. The reality is somewhere near 1% of the population suffers from a stutter but the sad truth is but a tiny of this number will genuinely attempt to fix their stutter.

While that little minority of stammer sufferers who who really make the choice to kill their stuttering problem will go forward to live better off, fulfilled lives, the great majority of the people who don’t kill their stammering afflication will sink deeper into the background, warding off as much social involvement as is humanly possible.

How long does it take to cure a stutter (generally speaking)?

Killing a stutter can take anything from only a few minutes (often less than an hour) to several days and often even longer. Because it actually is a psychological problem instead of a medical affliction, successful cure is based on your own ability to project what caused the stammer to come about. Having a stutter is also deeply rooted in a lack in self worth so often a cure for stuttering is not really possible up until the stammerer becomes sure in who he is again.

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