Myths about Using Suboxone Treatment for Drug Addiction


Common myths about using Suboxone to treat addiction: Advanced Pain  Management Center: Pain Management Physicians

Addiction is a serious condition that can change a person’s life totally, and that’s not for the better. Luckily we have so many new treatments to combat this situation that a person with even the oldest drug addiction can get a new life in mere months. And in order to achieve that, suboxone treatment helps a ton. You can find so many suboxone treatment doctors in Stoughton, who are passionate to help such people and guide them back into normal life. But there are many myths about this medication that can leave you confused. And this article is here to address and debunk all those myths.

Myth #1: Suboxone is a drug so drug addicts will end up getting a suboxone addiction

The first and foremost myth about this medication is that it will end being an addiction in itself. Although this claim is not without facts, still there’s a lot of other facts that make this medication incapable of being an addiction. In suboxone treatment clinics, the drug is used in limits, so that patients won’t get used to it. Even though it is an opioid but it still has one ingredient called an antagonist that reduced the euphoric effects. Because your body craves more of a potent drug, a suboxone will not b accepted by your body. Other than that, at the suboxone treatment clinics in Randolph, the specialist takes extra precautions for such matters.

Myth #2: One can easily overdose on suboxone

This is another claim that many untutored people swear by. As said above, suboxone does not have the potential qualities to provide a euphoric experience, so one cannot overdose on it. However, because it is a restricted opiate receptor agonist, there’s a limit to how much the receptors will be activated by it.  Therefore, there’s no high risk of getting slow breathing and other side-effects by contacting suboxone treatment doctors in Stoughton.

Myth #3: Suboxone alone can cure drug addiction

Regardless of how powerful suboxone, it alone cannot cure a person’s addiction fully. As when a person suffers from addiction, physical aspects are not entirely responsible for it. Psychological compounds also aid in such fixations. That’s why; counseling is often prescribed to the patients in suboxone treatment centers in Quincy. With counseling, a patient becomes determined to overcome such hazardous habits. Other than that, group therapy with combined traditional treatment also aid in recovery.

Myth #4: Suboxone should not be taken for longer

This might be related to the claim of suboxone being addictive. But if you search “suboxone centers near me” and talk to the experts over there, you’ll find out that there’s no evidence to support this claim. Expert practitioners have a different opinion on the duration of this drug but it’s not stated that it should be taken for a shorter time.

Myth #5: Suboxone is responsible for mood alterations

Another claim that is makes people paranoid to seek help from suboxone treatment doctors in time of need. Substances like cigarettes, sugar, caffeine, etc can change one’s mood and suboxone is not different from these. Suboxone does alter how you feel but that works against your addiction. For example, it makes you nauseous against the drug you are addicted to. So that you won’t crave for it, that’s all that it does. But when it comes to other mood swings that can happen due to your body being in a withdrawal phase.

If you are deep in addiction and want to be free from it, suboxone treatment is the ideal solution for it. You can search for “best suboxone doctors near me” and get admitted as soon as possible.  But if it’s your close ones who are suffering from addiction and they are unwilling to get help, you can try to converse with them. The journey of addiction recovery always starts at home, so try to be there for the person who is suffering from such a deadly situation.

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