Staying healthy 5 tips during the holidays

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Happy Christmas and happy new year are right at the corner! What is your plan to fill that day? What about having special holidays? Here is my suggestion to have healthy and pleasing holidays.

Staying healthy during the holidays may seem impossible, but take a look, it is doable! With these healthy holiday tips and a little determination, you can keep your health and enjoying yourself during the holiday season.

1. Choose healthy eating

Diet is basic to maintain healthy. In holidays, there are fancy and oily temptations everywhere, you need to select vinegar, low-sodium soy sauce, plain tomato sauce and other sauces low in fat rather than a greasy sauce. And don’t forget to drink enough water and take multi-vitamins and probiotic courses.

2. Give hug

Wonderful moments with family and friends during the holidays. Approach them firstly and give warm hug. It is proven scientifically. For example, it protects yourself from the effects of stress. Because it affects to reduce cortisol which is the hormone of stress and it reduces blood pressure. What about making a list hugging all attendants in that house?

3. Set your inner child free 

Feel holidays fully and feel the present. There are some way to jump into that mood like a child. For example, play Christmas music on loudly or ask your friends or siblings “Do you wanna build a snowman?” like anna in the movie ‘frozen’. Now, we got nervous easily in a complicated world. We need to release ourselves like a child.

4. Technology detox: Unplug 

Have some distance from your smartphone, tablet, etc. and focus on yourself without digital technology. we used sparingly to take over our lives. We need to pay attention to how the world goes on in the palm of my hand. It’s time to be apart from that, pay attention to what is going on in myself.

5. Have some quality alone time

This time will give you opportunity to plan your life. The end of the year means the start of another year. I hope you have clam moments to commence a great things after a break.

It helps with your relationship also. If you are with the people, it doesn’t mean losing your individuality. So, Alone time is important to help you both individually and as a member of the gathering.

Let me do a summary of these 5 tips. When you enter a house to have a good holiday with your neighbor, Give a warm hug to all people and have a lot of conversation like a child. When the time to have dinner, select healthy food purposely. And lastly, go back to your house, have some quality alone time.

From number 1 to 5, choose healthy eating, give hug, set your inner child free, tech detox and have some quality alone time. These 5 tips from my heart that I hope you have valuable and cozy time sincerely. I hope these 5 tips will be helpful for you and you have enjoyable holidays with Biogetica!