The Benefits of NLP Training

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s all in your head?” That’s exactly the supposition that psychologists around the world believed when they began to lay the foundations for neuro linguistic programming, or NLP.

NLP training was designed to take the way we view the world and flip it around so that, in a very short amount of time, we could rearrange our thinking patterns and transform every potential opportunity into a highly successful endeavor.

Scientists have a very basic view of NLP training. Most of them will tell you that NLP training is essentially the equivalent of being handed a guidebook to your brain, that unfathomable, complex mass of white and gray matter, nerve endings, synapses and a thousand other things that control your thoughts and actions.

It is commonly believed that each person is born with a set of abilities, and that even with the greatest amount of effort possible they will only ever be able to achieve the maximum potential that was dictated at their birth.

NLP training is out to change that illusion. When NLP training was first developed it was utilized as a way to treat phobias, mood disorders and other “conditions” that no one could really understand but which appeared to be a programmed response in the brain to a certain type of stimulus.

To quote an example given by the ANLP, picture a person who is arachnophobic (has a fear of spiders). Every time their eyes see a spider a fight or flight response is triggered in the brain that leads to terror and either random dancing and smashing with a shoe or rapid speed in the opposite direction.

Now imagine studying the actions of a person who enjoys spending time with spiders. If their thought patterns could be mimicked, would it be possible to overcome the phobia? That’s precisely the basis of NLP training.

Of course, getting rid of phobias isn’t the only use for NLP training. In fact, in today’s progressive society it isn’t even the most popular! NLP training is the latest trend in self help, helping people leave behind the baggage of their past and their own fears and perceived limitations and find success at work and hope, enjoy healthy relationships and basically leave behind the boundaries they always believed they had.

NLP training is the process of understanding how your mind works and, most importantly, how to make it work for you so that you can enjoy the kind of future you’ve always dreamed of.

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