The Best Natural Anti Aging Skin Care

The Best Natural Anti Aging Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, a person must be realistic about it. You are definitely not going to be looking like you looked in your twenties when you are in your fifties, and all the cosmetic surgery and anti aging skin care treatment is only going to be a temporary measure. However, you do not have to despair; there are ways and means by which you can look younger for a long time, even when you are biologically supposed to be in your fifties and sixties.

Is it possible to look ten to twenty years younger?

Is there a natural way in which one can achieve the perpetually-young look?      

Well, the answer is yes, but it will take a little bit of effort and self-discipline. So, let us look at the best natural anti aging skin care tips and techniques that are going to be the eventual envy of all those who behold us in the future!

First, one has to start with a little bit of self-discipline. Stop using chemical-based makeup for a while. If you really have to use some sort of make-up, look for something that is made up of one-hundred percent natural products, without any sort of chemical fillers to preserve them. These natural products are going to consist of extracts from plants and flowers. These products are also definitely not going to have any sort of harmful side effect on your skin.

So how is it that the use of these products will help in natural anti aging skin care?

If your skin is being treated regularly to a lot of chemical-based makeup without getting a chance to breathe naturally, well, you should not blame it for looking so tired and old before its time. The only problem is that the beauty industry has based its marketing strategy on targeting children and teenagers to start experimenting with makeup because of the “desirability factor.”

These children are going to start looking old by the time they reached their twenties. By then, they will already have fallen prey to the subliminal idea that they are going to look ugly without any sort of makeup. This is definitely not true. However, not many people advocate the natural look because it is supposedly “not cool.”

The natural look includes not using any makeup inside the house or while you are asleep, so that your skin can get a chance to breathe. Do not use any sort of chemical-based skin treatments to make it look younger. For example the usage of Botox to get rid of those lines and wrinkles is okay as a temporary solution, but what are you going to do when they come back with a vengeance?

Natural anti aging skin care is going to consist of exposing your skin to a diet of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh air and fresh water, while avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, and see the difference.

Do not fiddle around with your skin much – leave it alone. People who are obsessed with the state of their skin are normally the ones who go in for the latest anti aging skin care fad without checking up on whether or not that treatment is going to suit their particular skin types. Keep your expectations realistic, and do not expect your skin to have the elasticity it had when you were in your twenties. On the other hand, if you are in your twenties, do not expose your skin to harsh treatment to make you look like you are in your forties!

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