Tips to Cure Stammering

What is stammering?

There are many people who are unable to speak with fluency, clarity and continuously as they desire to communicate using the speech organ/facility in the human body. Many times the flow of words comes in breaks or they get stuck at a particular word, or words get stuck for different lengths of time in various situations, especially in situations causing them anxiety. But the occurrence of stammering or stuttering is unique for every individual.

Most of the time stammering is addressed by speech therapy, by retraining the speech muscles/system; there is success at times with some individuals, after practice over a long period of time. But many times the improvement is partial or nil, when only this method is used.

What causes stammering?

A hypnotherapist recognizes that the cause of stammering must lie in the subconscious mind. The malfunction of the speech system from birth is rare. Almost all stammering cases report the advent of stammering at some point in childhood before which the child was speaking perfectly. So, what causes the child to stammer? What happened? Most of the parents when questioned about ‘when their child started stammering’ had vague recollection of when the child started stammering. Even the person stammering has faint memory of the time when he /she first stammered.

The cause of stammering has been found to be in childhood. The child starts stammering after a situation, in which the child could not speak ‘what he/she wanted to speak’. Many times the words come in breaks or not at all, because the situation in which this occurred was traumatic for the child. The speaking system of the body then gets associated with this trauma experience and prevents it from speaking clearly and fluently after the event. The trauma experienced by the child gets locked in the subconscious and gets associated with the speech system from that time.

What can be done to cure stammering completely?

‘Cure Stammering’ requires a three level approach:

Step 1: Release the trapped ‘trauma feelings’, then make the person experience speaking properly in that same situation. This may take two to three hypnotherapy sessions.

Step 2: Retrain his/her speech system under hypnosis to build new neuro-paths to speak correctly, clearly and fluently. This time can vary according to a n individual as all are unique.

Step 3: Practice a defined method of speaking slowly, when speaking consciously.

Removing anxiety which triggers stammering in specific situations.

Many a time the individual experiences specific situations in which the stammering occurs more than usual, because they become more conscious of himself/herself, e.g. in presence of unknown people, elders, women, girls, men, giving presentations, etc. In these situations s/he gets into a state of anxiety, which triggers the trauma, which in turn triggers the stammering. Over a period of time there is an association that gets built up in the subconscious mind. The therapist desensitizes the feelings experienced in these specific situations, over and above the three level work that is done.

How good are the results with hypnotherapy for stammering?

It may take 3-6 months or even earlier in some cases, to be able to speak completely normally, when done sincerely and seriously while undergoing the complete process.

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