Top Health Supplements Brands That Are Actually Working Based on Danish Reviews

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Health supplements and vitamins provide essential nutrients for the well-being of the body. However, not all health products are good, as some may negatively affect the body. That is why it is important to ensure such products are verified before purchasing them. You can do this by reading reviews.

Online review platforms like ReviewsBird in Denmark have shown that some Danish brands enjoy high patronage due to quality and credibility. Therefore, this article will talk about some Danish brands whose health products you can trust.


Helsemin is a Danish brand in Copenhagen that sells health food products such as supplements and vitamins. The brand, regarded as one of the best Danish health and diet brands, has about 3,500 products available in its 16 stores scattered all over the country and online platform. These products have been tried and tested to ensure maximum efficiency.

The company has been operating for more than two decades and strives to help the people of Denmark improve and sustain good health and lifestyle. Brands whose products you will find in Helsemin include Arcone Tisane, Aromandise, AYA & IDA, Bauckhof, Beau Terra, and others.


Go4love is a brand that provides cosmetics, beauty, vitamins, and supplements. Go4love specializes in homeopathic medicine, vitamins and minerals, and skin care. The health food store is located in Amagerbrogade, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Matas is another retail brand in Denmark established in 1949. It is regarded as a top Danish biggest retail brand in the health, beauty, and wellness industry. The company’s main base is in Allerod. 

With over 250 physical stores and a couple of online platforms, Matas tries to provide tried and trusted health products to improve and maintain good health and well-being for the people of Denmark and beyond. In early 2019, the company acquired Kosmolet A/S, which owns Nilens Jord, one of Denmark’s finest make up-brands.

Aloe Vera Denmark

Aloe Vera Denmark is another popular name in the health food industry. They specialize in the provision of vitamins and supplements. Its categories of products include Aloe Vera drinks, fitness, skincare, personal care, and dietary supplements. 

The brand itself is a subsidiary of Forever Living Products, a US-based company regarded as the world’s largest grower of natural Aloe vera plants. Its products are Kosher-approved and bear the Islamic Seal of Approval, which signifies global acceptance and trust. The company is located in Frederiksberg.

MM Sports

MM Sports is a brand that provides vitamins and supplements, sports, and fitness equipment. The brand also sells apparel for exercise and sports purposes. Although the brand is from Malmo, Sweden, its products are available in Denmark and other Scandinavia regions. The company was established in 2002 by Olle Sparringssjo. Verdane funded the company, and in 2021, the brand was bought by CapMan.

Apotek Hjartat

Apotek Hjartat aims to improve health and well-being through its pharmacies, medical services, and provision of vitamins, supplements, and other health products. The brand is regarded as one of Sweden’s biggest health retailers, with about 400 outlets. Its online presence also helps it serve customers in other regions. Apotek Hjartat was established in 2010 and began with about 206 pharmacies.


Health and general well-being are one of the foremost concerns among people. This helps us to function properly. Thus, the health brands in Denmark providing essential products try to ensure quality and sustainability in their processes and services. The brands mentioned above are among the best trying to make a difference in the Danish health food sector.

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