Watch Now: How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Burnout


As a individual leader, it is effortless to get burned out and burnout, unknown & untreated, can become one thing additional serious, like depression. So how do we determine burnout? What can we do to take care of it? And how may possibly we reduce receiving burned out in the long run?

In honor of Psychological Wellness Month this May, Dr. Christina Hibbert—clinical psychologist, bestselling creator, breast most cancers warrior, & WEGO Health Awards 2021 winner is breaking-down what the areas of burnout and what affected individual leaders can do to stop it. As leaders in the well being room, it is vital for affected person leaders to take into consideration what burnout may well look like and how it could be impacting their own wellbeing – right after all, you just can’t pour from an vacant cup!

Capture the individual leader must-look at session beneath:

Critical Takeaways

⭐ Signs of burnout involve experience overcome, emotionally drained, & anxious, encountering a lack of creative imagination and reduced drive

⭐ Burnout is more prevalent than you think, specifically when it arrives to the globe of affected individual advocacy. Often, we may not even understand we’re burnt out until eventually factors appear to a sluggish.

⭐ Depression and burnout are not the similar thing. Dr. Christi breaks down the variances between the two and when it’s time to get professional enable.

⭐ No matter if you have experienced burnout you or know other folks living by means of burnout, the excellent news is that there are ways to reduce and take care of burnout. Such as, declaring ‘no’, scheduling by yourself time for by yourself, talking with a trusted close friend or household member, and carrying out anything artistic.

⭐ Look at the full session for 6 ways to start off treating your burnout today!

“Letting it all go was like at last respiratory when I hadn’t even recognized I’d been drowning.” – Dr. Christi Hibbert

Meet up with Dr. Christi Hibbert

Dr. Christina Hibbert is a medical psychologist, bestselling writer, breast cancer warrior, & WEGO Overall health Awards 2021. She is a considered leader in the areas of motherhood, women’s mental overall health, postpartum, parenting, grief/decline, and private development. Master a lot more about her advocacy journey.


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