Why Contingency Management Is the Best Solution for Addiction but Tough to Do

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Addiction recovery is not easy but it’s not as impossible. With the help of expert local suboxone doctors, you can recover from even the oldest drug dependency. But medication is not the only solution for drug recovery as counseling and therapy also play a vital role. Such therapy is Contingency Management.

The Principal of Contingency Management

Contingency Management is a tangible therapy that reinforces and modifies the behavioral pattern in a patient.  In simple words, CM changes the behavioral patterns without going to suboxone treatment clinics near me, by applying a reward system. When a behavior is rewarded or reinforced, that change is more likely to stay for the long course or permanently. That is why humans are wired in such a way to pursue activities that will reward them. In fact, this therapy is inspired by everyday life. For instance, you give a treat to your dog when they have received your command well. Employees receive bonuses or praises when they do a good job. Or more simply, parents reward their kids when they finish their homework or other chores. In suboxone clinics, CM works by following the same rule to encourage addicts to a drug-free lifestyle.

This is the same principle that works behind making a person addict. How? Well, substances have psychoactive compounds that are known to trigger a specific part of our brain. This part is responsible for making us feel pleasure. So, when consuming a drug provides such a feeling, people immediately work with the reward system and can become an addict.

And CM helps to break this cycle of drug abuse and staying high by offering other ways to feel good. CM ideally normalizes the brain activities after the person has lived a life of addiction. The sublocade withdrawal phase along with the strong urge to use drugs does not make this process simple, that’s why not all therapists can master this therapy. A properly trained and experienced person can only make this therapy a success.

The Process of Contingency Management

Contingency Management happens in different procedures and with time. No matter how strong this therapy is, investing in sublocade price is also important because without medical detoxification the withdrawal symptom might get tough to deal with. Medicines like suboxone, sublocade, etc lessen the severity of such withdrawal so that the patient would cooperate.

In the case of CM, the therapist leverage the patient’s life goals and wishes. For example, if the person wanted to become an artist or a successful business owner, therapists of suboxone treatment clinics will use that wish to make them sober. It might seem like a long shot but it works more often than you think. Other than these big life goals, everyday situations like living a happy life with family or loved ones also encourage them to take part in this therapy. The procedure of CM includes rewards when a person shows sober goals. These goals start from pretty basic tasks like passing the breathalyzer tests, urine tests, etc. By appearing positive in these tests, families can get rid of sublocade cost too.

CM can be used for individual patients as well as in inpatient drug programs; it depends on the person’s state of mind. But more often CM is used in community-based treatment programs. For people with no knowledge, all therapies might seem the same. But CM is an advanced level therapy that emphasizes more on positive behavior instead of targeting other similar aspects. Also, therapists who apply CM use a supportive form for negative outcomes. Supposedly, if a patient has a positive urine test or fails in other sober goals, suboxone doctors will not give them their rewards. It might seem a small price to pay, but it has been proven effective till now.

There are two ways the reward system works and those are by giving voucher incentives or prize incentives. In a voucher-based reward system, the person would receive a voucher every time they appear clean in drug tests. And in prize incentive, the patients will receive a cash prize to successful people.

CM has been proven successful when it comes to delivering the result. But due to lack of talent, not all therapists can apply this therapy. So, you should search for a “suboxone doctors near me” and choose from the result who offers such complex therapy sessions.