Empowering a healthy future for isolated island communities

I am really delighted to publish right now to tell viewers that I have been contacted by Marty Emmett, the Controlling Director of YWAM Ships Aotearoa (YSA) who explained to me he is searching for to work in partnership with the Solomon Islands Authorities and the MHMS to present overall health treatment guidance to outer island communities that abound in the nation.

I would like to share some particulars of YWAM Ships Aotearoa (YSA) being the sort of humanitarian organization that is near to the work, service and ethics that I strongly believe in and an firm that would be of fantastic benefit to the well being solutions in the Solomon Islands, especially in bringing wellness treatment to isolated communities in the considerably reaches of the Solomons.

I will illustrate my assist for the firm by quoting just some of the information one particular can read and obtain from its perfectly illustrated, charitable and significant web page


YWAM Ships Aotearoa (YSA) is inspired by the foundational perception that every single particular person has a purpose, is valuable and justifies entry to the requirements of life: fundamental healthcare, shelter, thoroughly clean water and training. We believe that that it is our obligation to act these days. The reason of YSA is to empower a healthier long term for isolated island communities. By means of the use of a specially equipped medical support ship, in partnership with Pacific governments, YSA presents absolutely free overall health and properly-remaining providers to isolated communities through the liquid continent of the Pacific. We go where by planes and autos are unable to.

In March of 2019, a 48 metre-lengthy ship was gifted to YSA. The German-built vessel, formerly the MV CLAYMORE II, had put in the prior decade carrying provides to the Pitcairn Islands. The vessel was renamed MV YWAM KOHA. YWAM (pronounced Y-Wham) or Youth with a Mission, is a global motion of Christians from lots of cultures, age groups, and traditions, dedicated to living out their religion pretty much through the entire world. Koha is a Māori word translated “gift.” The ship was a present to YSA and it will be a present to the Pacific Islands.

 Due to the ongoing journey restrictions thanks to Covid, YSA pivoted in 2021 and introduced a NZ targeted initiative that grew to become recognised as Trinity Koha Dental Clinic (TKDC). TKDC seeks to present transformative providers to vulnerable people today in Aotearoa in partnership with NZ registered dentists. In the exact same year, we also launched our youth enhancement programme that we have referred to as, the Koha Practical experience.

 The Christian ethos of YWAM informs, undergirds and motivates us.

 Alongside YWAM’s 18 foundational values, YSA is strongly affected by several of the wonderful principles that sit inside of tikanga Māori. The adhering to four Māori ideas affect the culture, policies and strategies of all we do: Kotahitanga – YSA values symbiotic partnerships that increase value to all events.

We think that we are more robust together and seek out to function with like-minded individuals and organisations to empower well being through the Pacific. Whakapapa – We all have our individual unique whakapapa – the people to whom we are linked in the past, current and upcoming. We imagine our genealogy is both a relationship and an obligation, to honour those people who came just before us and pave the way for individuals to appear.

 Our time is constrained. What we go away driving is our contribution woven into the lives of other people. This is our legacy. Kaitiakitanga – Sustainability and issue for the setting are non-negotiable for us.

Simply because the foreseeable future is silent, we just take on the purpose of Empowering a healthier long term for the Pacific – Whakapiki te Ora Variation 13 – March 2022 3 guardians for our place and our earth. As stewards (kaitiaki) for the long term, we experience it is our obligation to both defend and improve the price of all-organic sources, for the effectively-staying of future generations. He Tāngata – He aha te mea nui o te ao –

What is the most critical factor in the globe? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata – It is folks, it is persons, it is persons. For YSA, it is all about folks. We think that we have a duty to care for all people, individuals closest to us, our communities and our nation. But we also believe we have a duty to treatment for the nations that exist on our entrance door. We are driven by a vision to help and to empower them to live a thriving and nutritious life. Empowering a healthier future for the Pacific – Whakapiki te Ora Version 13 –

The 30,000 islands that dot the Pacific experience exceptional and major troubles. Just about every day, isolated island communities deal with: ● meals insecurities, ● untreated clinical disorders, ● deficiency of basic overall health, dental and preventative treatment, ● restricted freshwater, ● insufficient employment, and confined educational methods. The MV YWAM KOHA serves to make potential in villages throughout the Pacific by performing in partnership.

 YSA is not there to build an unbiased or parallel overall health services but seeks to align by itself with the ambitions and objectives of the Ministry of Well being nationionally and the community/regional degree in which we are operating.

 YSA functions in partnership by invitation. We find to perform in collaboration and with a non-partisan method at the countrywide, provincial, district, and nearby governing administration amount, as very well as at village stage.

Outreaches are diligently planned with comprehensive studies submitted just after the completion of each outreach. All people serving with YSA is a volunteer – together with all the marine gurus, healthcare pros, deck crew and employees. That signifies that anyone involved is dedicated to the mission of the group and not serving for personalized acquire. An all-volunteer crew also signifies that just about every contribution goes to furthering the mission relatively than spending salaries.

 Many isolated communities are only accessible by ships there is no other option. A ship can be anchored off-shore with teams possibly shuttled to land or people are shuttled to the ship.  Onshore, groups can give vaccinations, healthcare and primary cleanliness teaching as effectively as basic professional medical companies.

 A ship is self-contained, that means that it does not attract on the limited assets of a neighborhood such as freshwater, housing and food stuff provides.

 Coordinating with local healthcare employees assures that YSA is meeting the real requires of every single local community. A deployment can be precisely focused to the specific wants of that locale.

 Currently, the MV YWAM KOHA is equipped with two dental containers and a pharmacy container.

 Aspirationally we approach to produce a diagnostic screening laboratory container and also an ophthalmology container for eye surgeries. Empowering a healthful upcoming for the Pacific –

MARITIME New Zealand has a wealthy maritime heritage as effectively as a feeling of duty to help our Pacific neighbours.

 MV YWAM KOHA is a New Zealand registered, unlimited international heading vessel. Each and every crew member carries maritime qualifications expected for their positions in accordance to worldwide maritime criteria.

YSA operates MV YWAM KOHA in compliance with all flag-condition necessities of Maritime New Zealand (MNZ). YSA has engaged Dunsford Marine Ltd., Auckland as our MNZ accepted surveying company. YSA functions closely with Dunsford Maritime to ensure that the MV YWAM KOHA is taken care of to the best standards, and our Certification of Survey (CoS) is recent.

 The coverage of YSA is to function our vessel at the highest stage of security. Empowering a healthier foreseeable future for the Pacific –

YSA has a huge assortment of donors from in just New Zealand and also from lots of other nations, who all contribute toward the expenditures related with the shipping and delivery of services outlined here.  While quite a few of the donations obtained are in-type (these types of as donated equipment, gear, health-related materials and volunteer labour), there are however sizeable costs included in the shipping of services.  These expenditures incorporate every little thing from purchased health care supplies, ship maintenance and also method advancement. A full list of these expenditures can be uncovered in YSA’s audited economic statements.

 YSA was granted Oversees Donee standing (Routine 32) in 2021 by the NZ Inland Profits Office. YSA Staff:

 It must be noted that all YSA staff members, which include the taking care of director and senior software supervisors, are self-funded volunteers.  They all increase their own cash exterior of the organisation to aid the function they do in the Pacific.

 At instances, exactly where vital, YSA could have to have to externally remunerate for vital providers that are not capable to be donated, together with reserve-maintaining, auditing and engineering.  Every volunteer, no matter if small or extended term, joins YSA with an comprehending that they give their skills and goodwill with no expectation of remuneration.

YSA is fully commited to the maximum specifications of fiscal transparency, accountability and integrity.  As a member and signatory of the New Zealand Council for Worldwide Progress (CID), YSA is fully commited to all the obligations of the CID Code of Carry out.  YSA’s funds and monetary techniques are audited externally each and every year by our auditor.

YSA operates at a portion of what it would ordinarily price to supply our applications. The troubles of giving excellent overall health companies in the isolated islands of the Pacific are authentic. It is explained to be a single of the most tricky spots in the earth to supply health care, and the disparities are confronting.

 YSA wishes to lover to see sustainable wellbeing enhancements.

To this end, YWAM Ships Aotearoa welcomes open up and respectful dialogue centred on a shared vision: Jointly empowering a balanced potential during the Pacific.

Finish of quote.

It is my fantastic hope, in fact motivation, that YWAM Ships Aotearoa will join with the SI MHMS in an arrangement major to a MoU among the two and we will all witness health care provisioning to our isolated communities throughout the Solomon Islands, for much also very long still left with no the healthcare solutions and care currently being, so isolated, has brought about.

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