How You Can Overcome Stuttering and Stammering With Affirmations

How You Can Overcome Stuttering and Stammering With Affirmations

Have you ever been so nervous just thinking about saying something? When your hands start to sweat and you turn red as a beetroot? All because you try to speak but you find your cannot get the words out? All you do is stutter trying endlessly to say what you want to say but cannot? Just a mass of unintelligible blabber! Then when you realise everyone is staring at you, you wish the floor would just swallow you up! All you want to do is escape!

It is amazing how something so ordinary like asking a question or giving your opinion can suddenly make you feel so nervous that you realise as soon as you’ve started speaking you wish you hadn’t! Thoughts start spiralling out of control and it feels like your worst nightmare! You imagine you are in front of an audience of thousands of people who make you feel like an ogre as all eyes are upon you!

The next time it happens you tell yourself you’ll be prepared, so you put it to the back of your mind, feeling sure you’ll be fine next time and you’ll be able to overcome your stuttering.

But of course it doesn’t happen as you planned and before you know it you’re in exactly the same dilemma. In fact you get to the point where you build it up out of all proportion and more often than not you are nervous all of the time! So how can you conquer this nervousness and stop yourself from stuttering?

Firstly, let me assure you it can be overcome. Although it may be a daunting task initially, it can be overcome with a certain amount of time, effort and patience on your part. You can beat it! Believe me I know as I have been there!

When I was a child I suddenly became so apprehensive about speaking to anyone; the feeling just seemed to appear out of the blue. If anyone asked my name I stuttered and stammered battling to get the words out; it was so embarrassing!

At school, if I was asked to read aloud I would hide and try and read so quietly no-one would hear my stuttering performance. It got to the stage where I would dread English classes and would do anything to avoid them.

As time progressed, it became so distressing I dreaded meeting anyone for fear of my having to try and speak or really just stutter. I felt like a stuttering buffoon!

However, as I grew older I vowed to myself that I would overcome this problem, come hell or high water.

To begin with you need to tell yourself you are able to speak normally without any speech impediment; you are no different than anybody else. But you must have faith and really believe in your ability to do this; to conquer your nervousness. As soon as you face up to this problem the sooner you can overcome it.

Eventually I found out about affirmations. Affirmations repeated to yourself regularly about anything can be accepted by your subconscious mind as being real, true and believable. All you need to do is repeat them to yourself in this way really believing what you are saying is true, having complete and total faith in what you are saying. It also help if you can actually visualise yourself speaking confidently, always keeping an image of this in your mind.

Consequently I found that by introducing affirmations into my daily routine where I told myself I was able to speak to anyone about anything, gradually helped my problem. I would repeat this affirmation to myself twice a day, spending 10 minutes in the morning and evening just repeatedly telling myself I was able to speak normally. It was very difficult at first to get into this type of routine but I was determined to overcome my problem so I persevered.

Steadily, over a period of time it began to work; I started to make progress and as a result my nervousness little by little began to disappear. Slowly, I found myself becoming more and more confident about talking and speaking to people. It seemed that as every day passed, it was becoming easier to speak to anyone about anything. I actually began to look forward to meeting people and I would never have believed I would ever be able to do this! I realised at long last that my stuttering day were over!

Therefore, if you are suffering from any similar problems, I recommend this self help programme to overcome them. Affirmations are easy to do; they can be practised anywhere and any time: it is just down to you to discipline yourself to carry them out. Practise and perseverance are the key elements to win through.

So if you are experiencing any problem of this nature, why not see how successful affirmations are and how they can help you!

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