Know How Yoga Can Amazingly Improve Your Sexual Life

Know How Yoga Can Amazingly Improve Your Sexual Life

The benefits of Yoga are a no brainer. They range from improving the mind-body connection, weight loss or gain, improving body posture, stretching muscles, relaxing your senses and inculcating positive mindset. Furthermore, there is one more surprising benefit which comes in the form of a boost to your sexual life. Yes, you read that right! Apart from being an ancient art of keeping your body balanced, Yoga helps you with a mind-blowing sex too.

After all, yoga is all about gaining energies and thus it pumps up the sex desire in you.

Let’s discover the Yoga’s deeper relation with sex drive:

Yoga and sex have quite a good relation, even if that is not a much talked about topic. Yoga helps increase blood flow to the genital area and leaves a direct impact on your sex drive. According to Ekhart Yoga, the Yoga practice helps get rid of body toxins which hinder your sex performance.

Moreover, the diet you follow pertaining to the practice of yoga also helps you gain a better sex life with your partner.

Body Flexibility

If you do regular Yoga, you might know that every Yoga asana targets one or multiple of your muscles. Few Yoga asanas even require all of your muscles to stretch and move.The stretching helps you to enhance the flexibility of your body. So, more flexible your body is, the more you can perform between the sheets.

There is no denial; sex is all about experimenting new moves and yoga gives you enough thrust to try all of them.

Improved Satisfaction

Have you heard about kegal exercise? These are the exercises solely meant for genital area and the standing Yoga asana even give the benefits of kegal exercise, apart from stretching your whole body. Consequently, it results in giving you much stronger orgasms. So that’s one of the many incentives you come across.

Gets pelvis in action

Yoga not only renders the benefits of kegal exercise but also strengthens your pelvic muscles. The pelvic muscles help in making the sex more vigorous. There are various Yoga exercises that work to make your pelvic floor tight and strong. Consequently, it helps women in getting great orgasm.

Increases the blood flow

Yoga increases the blood flow in your veins and organs of your body. And this blood flow increase revives your lost desire for sex.

The rise in blood flow rejuvenates your body from within giving you a glowing skin and healthy mind. So, go for Yoga and let your sex drive shoot up.

Smarter Sex Positions

Did you know that certain yogic poses can double up as splendid sex positions that can help deeper penetration and make up for the missing wow factor in your sexual life? Certain sex positions such as standing straddle forward bend, three legged dog pose, bridge pose, and more are classic examples of body positions that are popular during yoga practice.

Focused Sex

Imagine a picture: you are in the middle of making love with your partner, indulging in an amazing sex session, and suddenly a thought of an incomplete business deal hits you. Does this sound familiar? If yes, then Yoga is the key for you.

Yoga meditation increases your concentration during the sex by curbing any ruminating thought kill your sex drive in the moment. As we all know Yoga makes you calmer and removes any unnecessary distractions housed in your mind, which in turn helps you get maximum pleasure and improves the sexual connection with your partner. So, all in all Yoga helps you achieve the big O in a more pleasurable and focused manner.

Body Acceptance

The benefits of Yoga go beyond body and reach your mental status. It is found that people who practice regular Yoga are more accepting towards their natural flaws than people who do not.

Yoga teaches us to break the body stereotypes. It makes you feel beautiful with whatever assets you have.

Yoga makes you love your body the way it is and this is one of the pertinent factors which makes the sex more loving and fulfilling. After all, how can you make love with your partner if you do not love your own self?

Simply put, the Yoga is the best way to become self-aware and feel sexy just the way you are.

Sexual Mindfulness

Often people think sex is just about physical intimacy, but that’s not true. A true sex is the one which connects your mind and soul with your partner and Yoga helps accomplish this purpose.

The yoga practice fills you with all the positive energies. It makes you broad minded and more sensitive towards your body sensations and feelings. Sexual mindfulness is necessary to learn the true meaning of sex.

Yoga’s benefits are vast in numbers, and can only be understood once you actually begin practicing it. So, wait no more, hit the mat and look forward to a peaceful mind and blissful sexual life.

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