Muscle-Enhancing Supplements Increase the Risk of Testicular Cancer

Muscle-Enhancing Supplements Increase the Risk of Testicular Cancer


Men involved in body-building activities are reportedly taking supplements in the form of pills and powders. These supplements contain either creatine or androstenedione. These ingredients are found to enhance the risk of developing testicular cancer in people according to a study. The authors of the study have published the results in British Journal of Cancer. The study further found that the risk is more in those people who have been using the multiple supplements for many years. The research group has banked on the huge data available about the link between testicular damage and at least one supplement usage in the public domain. Hence, this study is mainly an analytical exercise. In this article, we would be visiting the important points raised by this interesting study for the benefit of the health-conscious readers,

Study on Testicular Cancer

The medical name of this type of cancer is testicular germ cell cancer. According to the lead author of this study, the observed relationship of long-term use of supplements and the onset of this type of cancer is more striking. This research group from Yale University and Brown University School of Public Health has conducted this path-breaking study. The study revealed that the longer use of supplements and multiple supplement usage equally lead to this deadly disease. However, the study group could not find out the cause of this relationship. However, it is strikingly clear from the data compiled and analyzed. In 2011, the testicular cancer was found in 5.9 cases after the screening of 1 lakh men. On the other hand, the health authorities were able to discover only 3.7 cases from the screening of 1 lakh people in 1975. Hence, the research team consider this type of cancer as a mysterious one. This study is termed as the first analytical epidemiological study to perceive the possible link between supplement usage and testicular cancer.

Modus Operandi

The group responsible for the study conducted detailed interviews of over 900 men from places such as Massachusetts and Connecticut. Later, the research crew prepared detailed questionnaire and distributed to the volunteers of this study. From the detailed studies based on the response, they have found that 356 people had some history of testicular cancer. During the course of the interview, the researchers asked the volunteers certain questions on supplement usage, exercise, drinking and smoking habits, prior injury to the groin and family history of the disease. This exercise was to cross verify the input data from the volunteers. From this data, they were able to show the link between supplement usage and risk of developing testicular cancer.

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