Non Surgical Options for Low Back and Neck Pain

Non Surgical Options for Low Back and Neck Pain

Looking for non-surgical options for back and neck pain in the Panama City area can be difficult. The Bay County area often does not have available services that you may find in larger cities. This article will break down several options you may wish to consider which can be found in this area. Each may be used separately but are used sometimes used together to give the patient all possible options before resorting to surgical approaches.

Chiropractic adjustments refers to a chiropractor applying a specific force to the vertebrae of the spine that may have abnormal movement or are out of position relative to the adjacent segments. This force must be directed specifically to correct the misalignment or it is just a random manipulation or the so called “popping a joint”. I often demonstrate the difference by saying it is similar to the thermostat in your house. To correct the temperature when you are warm you should specifically place the thermostat to the new temperature that you want not just push the bar all the way to the left. Chiropractic adjustments are one of the most common treatments for low back, neck, leg or arm pain. Proper chiropractic treatments themselves are done specifically to each patient to reduce the misaligned or abnormally functioning vertebra, which results in an increased range of motion, reduced nerve irritability and pain and improved function. Many times a patient will receive the same adjustment each time they are in an office until the correction is accomplished but rarely do two different patients get exactly the same adjustment.

Decompression Therapy is another form of non surgical treatment for herniated and bulging discs and assists doctors in treating low (lumbar) back pain as well as neck pain. The DRX9000C is one example of a decompression table providing spinal decompression. Many tables offering decompression are not true decompression tables so make sure you choose wisely here. Decompression table treatment provides a unique non surgical treatment for the management of pain and disability for patients suffering with bulging and herniated discs and low back pain and sciatica. A well designed system will apply spinal decompressive forces to areas of the spine that are compressed or degenerative. The area of decompression must be specific to the area treated to be effective. The system must also be able to “fool” the muscles that are guarding the area in order to get a negative pressure internally. Decompression treatment should definitely be considered if you are suffering with a confirmed disc problem and if you are facing surgery for any of the following conditions, herniated discs, bulging or protruding intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, and sciatica.

Pain Management focuses on using interventional techniques such as facet joint injections and nerve root blocks to provide immediate relief of pain so physical therapy and life style changes can be used for long term relief. Pain management must be performed by a Board Certified Pain Management doctor. These procedures may be done in office or on occasion can be performed at local surgical centers when necessary. In Panama City look for a office that provides a full service suite for these procedures so that you can schedule your appointments quickly should you require fast pain relief for an insult or injury. Reducing pain through injections can make the patients results come faster due to decreased spasm and inflammation in some cases. Injections can be used with decompression to provide immediate relief of pain followed by an appropriate cure of the underlying issue.

Physical Therapy can be either passive or active and is designed to each patients needs at the time of the clinical workup. Passive therapies include interferential therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation as well as others. Cold Lasers can be used for pain relief and to assist with healing of traumatized tissues.
In office supervised exercises. Many times the overlooked area of spinal care is the core muscles around the spine. If these muscles that control our movement and balance are left out of the clinical picture then the problem will reoccur at a later date. Utilizing swiss balls and balance boards can help many patients continue to experience relief long after treatment and prevent recurrence. Various cardiovascular, stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed by doctors to decrease back pain, increase strength and to help restore range of motion. Doctors may prescribe exercises that strengthen under-active muscles and/or weaken over-active muscles with the goal of attaining muscle balance and a balanced structure. Doctors may also have patients do exercises that strengthen the weak, underactive muscles of the trunk and pelvis, and exercises that stretch the tight, overactive muscles.

Massage therapy can be used separately as well as in combination with other treatment modalities to assist with stretching of tissues and reduce spasm as well as to promote relaxation and decrease scar tissue formation and fibrous after injury.

Acupuncture in some case may be of benefit but there are few resources here in Panama City currently where the practitioner is a full time acupuncturist. But this service can be of great clinical value in some cases.

These ares some of the non invasive and minimally invasive techniques that you can find right here in Panama City, FL and if you are looking for services elsewhere try to remember these options.

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