Top 7 Natural Remedies to Fight Sciatica

Top 7 Natural Remedies to Fight Sciatica

Sciatica pain travels along the sciatic nerve, which descends from back of the pelvic to the back of the hip, thigh, and goes down the legs and touches the foot sometimes. When it happens, it is severe pain, most of the time, unbearable and the patient has to stay in the bed for couple of days. This pain may be the reason of injury by accident, a fall, injury of the nerve, or due to inflammation in the nerve and the area around. This may also happen due to overweight creating pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pregnant women and diabetic persons often get this pain along the sciatic nerve. Lifting heavy weight or falling at slippery place, is the common cause of sciatica pain. Different people explain different experiences.

Some cannot sit long hours, whereas some cannot walk properly. Some complain after sitting long when they stand, their hip locks, and it takes quite a few seconds to loosen up. They take a few slow steps, which are painful, but after that, they are normal. Others feel great discomfort while sleeping, but all sciatica patients suffer terribly from this crucial pain. In the beginning of sciatica pain, one feels like having lower back pain, but when it travels into hip and thigh, then the doctors diagnose as sciatica. Sometimes, doctors cannot figure out for six to eight months. They speculate it may be rupture of the ligaments connected to the two lowest vertebrae. Doctors also say this may be a displaced disk of the vertebrae. The patient suffers from shooting or pinching pain and after couple of days, the pain subsides, but it does not go away. It comes back off and on and sometimes it is so severe, the patient has to stay in hospital.

· Drink 40 oz. (5 cups) of water early morning sitting on a chair and eat no food for an hour. This helps lubricate and hydrate the stiff joints. This also helps detoxify body and keep colon clean

· Swallow half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric paste with water before half an hour eating breakfast

· Drink a glass of lassi (butter milk) mixed with a quarter teaspoon of hing (Asafetida) powder

· Drink ginger tea twice a day to help soothe the pain. Being antioxidant, it also helps relieve gas and toxins in the body

· Consume half a teaspoon of Giloye (Garhuchi) powder and half a teaspoon of Amlika powder with water in the morning and before bedtime

· Use firm mattress or flatbed. You may sleep on floor for a week and see if this helps you to sleep well and sometimes, it reduces the pain.

· Mix one tablespoon of ghee with a teaspoon of ginger powder and massage gently on the sore area for 3 minutes before going to bed

Remember, when we stick to alkaline food, many physical and mental problems may disappear. Regular exercise, especially with weights, 15 minutes four days a week, is important for the body to stay energized. Breathing exercises, yoga’s slow postures, and meditation also help to calm down the pain.

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