Uses of Hypnosis – Conditions Where Hypnosis Can Be Helpful

Uses of Hypnosis – Conditions Where Hypnosis Can Be Helpful

The uses of hypnosis in the olden times had negative connotation with the idea of putting someone into a spell that will make them do what you say. Today, hypnosis has popular uses in medicine and in dealing with psychosomatic illnesses from skin disorders, menstrual problems to stomach disorders. Even in illnesses where the usual treatment has failed, hypnosis can also be an alternative to find treatment and healing.

Hypnosis can be done in different ways. Most often, when we talked about hypnosis, we often associate it with those ‘spells’ and swinging pendulums but hypnosis can also be done even without the person knowing it. This type is the conversational hypnosis where hypnosis is done through casual talking, which is also used in a lot of aspects of every day life from getting a sale to convincing and persuading people to believe in you.

The most common type of hypnosis that is used in treating medical conditions though is the one where you are assisted by a hypnotist to go into trance state.

For specific uses of hypnosis, let us find out what can hypnosis do to us and when is hypnosis beneficial to our body.

Losing Weight

If you are one of the millions of people who are constantly struggling to get your ideal weight and there seems to be no program or exercise that can help motivate yourself to trim down, hypnosis can be used in helping you relax and enhance motivation and self-control. The hypnosis session may be long term but you can learn the necessary skills to continue on your own.

Fears and phobias

Fears and phobias are obviously makings of the mind and the thoughts and hypnosis has been useful in overcoming them. For some people, a single session can be enough to eliminate their phobias and fears.

Controlling pain

Have you seen those firewalkers who fearlessly tread those burning coals without feeling the pain? One of the many uses of hypnosis is controlling pain in your body. It is even used in giving birth to help ease the pain in childbirth. You can also learn self-hypnosis so you can actually practice it on your own every time you are faced with pain. This is especially true in controlling dental pain which you can overcome through self-hypnosis.

Building confidence

Self-confidence is one of the most essential things we need to have to be able to achieve success in everything we want to do. Lack of self-confidence is most often triggered by thoughts about failing and self-doubts and hypnosis is said to be useful in reprogramming what we think about ourselves as well as changing our undesirable behaviors and thoughts. Athletes have also sought the help of hypnosis in building more confidence to improve their performances. Most athletes have also noticed improvements in their performances immediately when they practice hypnosis.

Managing stress

Hypnosis is also known to relieve stress, and in this case, the results are seen almost immediately. Aside from stress, it is also used in overcoming anxieties and problems in concentration.

If you want to quit smoking and just do not have enough motivation to quit the addiction, one of the many uses of hypnosis is also helping you quit smoking. Improvements are also said to be noticeable in short period of time.

Indeed, hypnosis has become useful in many things in our lives particularly in dealing with a stressful environment and most importantly, in overcoming some illnesses and health issues that sometimes are just created by our thoughts.

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