What is the Fear of Dreams and How Can it Treated?

What is the Fear of Dreams and How Can it Treated?

Fear of dreams also known as oneirophobia is a phobia where people have a very high fear of falling to sleep and dreaming. People who suffer from this fear have a lot of trouble when it is time to sleep and symptoms can include shaking, sweating, dry mouth and crying, depending on the intensity of the phobia.

This phobia can cause people to be terrified of what they will dream and what those dreams may mean to the person. This can be caused by having recurring nightmares as a child and into adult life. Although this phobia can also be caused by what the person watches at night before sleeping.

It has been proven that if we fall asleep whilst watching the television or a film our sub consciousness will take over where the television show or film left off. This can cause very active and vivid dreams that can feel very real to the dreamer and if this dream is not a nice one it can make the person wake up feeling very scared. If this happens on a regular basis the person can then create the phobia of dreams.

Dream phobia or fear of dreams and falling asleep is not a very strange phobia and there are many people from all over the world of different ages that suffer with this phobia. Studies have shown that one of the best treatments for dream phobia is hypnotherapy. This treatment will allow your sub consciousness to come through and, by doing this; find out the main cause of the phobia and its origins.

If you think that you are suffering from this type of phobia on any type of scale, it is advisable to speak to your doctor about it as not to cause further illnesses such as insomnia. Find out what is the best treatment for you to be able to overcome your fear.

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