Why Are Guys Reluctant to Commit – 7 Reasons As to Why Guys Are Commitment-Phobic!

Why Are Guys Reluctant to Commit – 7 Reasons As to Why Guys Are Commitment-Phobic!

The fact that guys are usually afraid to commit are due to several reasons. Women always want to know why guys are reluctant to commit to a long term relationship or to marriage. These reasons listed below will give you an idea as to why they have fears of tying the knot!

He does not want to lose his identity
If you are the pushy and demanding type then he could be afraid that once he commits to you, he will slowly but surely change into the type of person you want him to be. He is afraid of losing his own identity and changing into a lapdog who has to do everything to please you. This could prove very scary for a guy and therefore he is reluctant to make any sort of commitment.

He is confused as to what your feelings are for him
If you have not really been forthright and clear about your feelings towards him, then he will be cautious about making a commitment to you. The smallest doubt about you and your feelings will make him reluctant to take a step towards commitment. Only when he knows for sure that you reciprocate his feelings will he turn bold and take the initiative!

He hates the thought of being tied down
Most men have a morbid fear of being tied down to one woman all their life! These men are the types that want to enjoy dating different women before they make up their mind. They are generally those who are concentrating on just having a good time instead of being serious and thinking of the future.

He is not sure that you are the right woman for him
There could be a hundred reasons why he has certain doubts as to whether you are the ideal woman for him. He will never make a commitment unless and until he is convinced in his heart that you are the right one for him. Even though he has been dating you all this while, he could feel that there is something missing in the relationship and hence is not ready for commitment.

He is terrified of the financial responsibility involved
The very fact that commitment means a whole lot of new responsibilities make men nervous and reluctant to take a step in that direction. In case he is not really financially secure and feels that he will not be able to provide for his wife and family in the near future, he will not be able to commit.

He thinks that you have too high expectations
There is no way he is going to commit if you have been setting the standards too high or been having too many high expectations where he is concerned. See if you are the type of woman who has been very demanding, critical and a stickler for perfection in every thing. He is obviously scared of falling short!

He is unsure and insecure
If the guy is aware of his faults, failures and shortcomings, then he could become insecure and afraid of facing the future. He will naturally become less confident of being a success and making the relationship ideal. This insecurity will prove to be a huge blockage where commitment is concerned.

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