Does Homeopathy Have a Cure For Snoring?

Does Homeopathy Have a Cure For Snoring?

Over years, snoring has only increased its stronghold and cuts across all boundaries to be a health hazard for all those who smoke and those who have to listen to the buzzing saw noises all through the night. In recent years, with better understanding and intense studies, it has been seen that the snoring pattern increases with age and more people over the age of 60 are known to snore. The inherent reason is simple as the body ages, the muscle loss is higher and throat and jaw muscles become weaker, leading to snoring.

The tongue muscles, jaw and throat muscles work in cohesion to provide support to the respiratory system, loosening of muscles has an adverse affect on overall sleeping habits. Another reason that older people snore more is because with age, usually people gain weight and this also heightens the chances of snoring.

Extra weight gain leads to thick fat layers around the neck which causes the throat muscles to collapse under pressure, restricting air passages and leading to high decibel snoring. Doesn’t it may seem unusual that a person does not snore during the day but only at night?

This is because during the day it is less noticeable but becomes apparent when the person lies down and the throat muscles become relaxed while the tongue falls back into the throat, leading to snoring. Most of the other reasons for snoring have been found to be connected to other various ailments such as arthritis, hypertension, and respiratory diseases. Sometimes, some medications lead to snoring due to side effects of extra weight or maybe presence of muscles relaxants. Smoking and alcohol intake can severely increase the chances of a mild to moderate snorer to risk getting Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea can affect any age but it increases the risk in older people as they are more susceptible to strokes, cardiac arrests and other diseases. If you think that you have sever snoring issues, it is best to show it to a sleep specialist as soon as possible because even before you know it, sleep apnea may set in leading to fatal consequences.

There are numerous reasons to stop snoring and keeping good health is one of them. Most of the people associates stop snoring cures with surgical cures, but with modern medicines and developments, there are many good non invasive methods out there. If you are looking for simple cures try anti nasal drops, adhesive nasal strips, homeopathic cures and even singing is known to help reduce the decibels in the bedroom. There are some remedies in homeopathy that may cure the inherent reasons for snoring such as allergies, cold and sinusitis.

There are many other herbal based throat drops and nasal sprays that are known to provide immediate relief with regular use. Other than that, reduced consumption of milk based products, taking a firm pillow and sleeping on your side at night benefit better breathing. It is best to choose a good anti snoring remedy than to go in for expensive surgeries. Not only are side effects higher but you cannot expect a 100% cure for snoring even then.

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