Your Skin Care Routine Is A Must For Perfect Skin

Your Skin Care Routine Is A Must For Perfect Skin

Consistency and a great at home skincare routine must be the mantra for fit and beautiful skin. This point cannot be stressed enough, for lack of a routine, no matter how great the product, will never yield constant and permanently beautiful skin. Of course, using organic skin care products, in my opinion, yields the best result because they nurture the skin.

An at home skin care routine, coupled with regular facials, should be viewed as a preventative and protective measure against the factors which cause aging, breakouts, and dehydrated lackluster skin. Think of it like going to the gym regularly or following a strict and healthy diet, but for your face. Doing so regularly can reverse the signs of aging and shatter skin that is less than perfect.

Follow these simple steps and they will yield sexy, younger and healthier looking skin. And they will only take about 5 minutes of your time. A small amount of time to spend for perfect skin. This is well worth the results and youthful life of your face and skin. Remember these are preventative measures and in truth, anti-aging techniques. But is never too late to start. So START!


If you walk outside, especially if you live in a city, the skin is constantly being bombarded by pollution, dirt and the elements at the same time. Therefore it is important that one use a nightly organic skin cleanser. This will remove any dirt and surface impurities that will have accumulated throughout the day. And if you wear makeup the accumulated dirt and pollution cake right on top. This is a very simple step that must not be neglected, no matter how tired you are. Washing your face nightly will aid the skin in its regeneration phase that happens during your sleep. Allowing the skin to breathed and become beautiful as the nights progress.


Moisturizers are a beauty essential and are needed if the skin is to remain supple and smooth. This is a moisturizer’s primary goal and how they accomplish this is by retaining water or preventing it from evaporating. In essence a moisturizer will properly hydrate the skin and prevent its dehydration. Using a moisturizer will improve the skin’s functions especially during harsh winter days and brutal summer months. They are also a great help during long flights. You must choose a proper organic skin care moisturizer for your skin type as they are of different consistencies, from light to heavy. Properly moisturizing will prevent wrinkles and lines, a simple anti-aging remedy. I recommend that you moisturize minimally during the day as this is when you will encounter most of the elements which cause skin to age. This step can be supplanted with a serum or use in combination.


Since the skin produces sebum daily while shedding at the same time, it is vital that you help it as much as you can, to rapidly get rid of dead skin that can cause blemishes and breakouts. The fact is that dirt and pollution get trapped in between layers of skin and these same factors can cause it to breakout. Using an organic exfoliant will rid the face of dead skin and expose a glowing beautiful complexion. Exfoliating is a must as it triggers the skin’s healing mechanism and stimulates collagen and elastin. I recommend exfoliating at least once a week if not two for better results.

Use Sunscreen:

This is probably the most neglected step and it is absolutely fundamental in maintaining youthful looking skin. Doing away with this step can have serious consequences and according to the American Cancer Society, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. This is the ultimate price, however, the lesser consequences can be: hyper-pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles and dry leathery skin. A useful solution can be for you to use a mineral based sunscreen. They come in a variety of tones to match everyone’s shade or even translucent if you want a nude finish. This will prevent over exposure to the sun and it’s harmful effects as mentioned above.

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