Dr. Puppala Makes An Impact With His Significant Contributions


V k Puppala, MD is recognized for his contributions to the field of pain medicine. He is the best anesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist in Villa Rica, Georgia. He is committed towards the advancement of pain management.

He has been instrumental in bringing several positive changes in the methods and techniques used to treat chronic pains. He has developed a multi-modal approach for treating his patients. He takes extra care in the diagnosis and conducts research to find the best treatment.

He graduated from the Washington University School of Medicine and later acquired specialization in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine from the Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Dr. Puppala is a high performer

V K Puppala, MD is very active in the medical circle. He participates in various types of studies and research for the advancement of medical science. He writes papers and shares his findings. He makes presentations at various medical associations and medical societies.

He educates as well as inspires medical students by serving as Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Medical College of Georgia. He motivates them to give their best for the advancement of pain medicine and to help people suffering from chronic pains.

V K Puppala, MD voices his concerns over the negative impact of pain medicine, when used for a longer period of time or when used in excess. He fights for the rights of the people suffering from chronic pains at the government level.

Dr. Puppala is a kind person

Quality of patient care is important to him. At the same time, he seeks that maximum patients benefit from the advanced techniques and treatments. He shares his knowledge on different platforms for this reason.

V K Puppala, MD keeps himself updated with the latest trends and news in his field. People in the medical circle can’t stop talking about his unique initiatives. He is an inspiration for his colleagues as well. His colleagues speak highly of him and give him immense respect.

Despite being a celebrated doctor, he acts with humility. He is confident in his judgments. His patients feel confident looking at his confidence. He goes an extra mile to find the solution to his patient’s problems.

V K Puppala, MD guides his patients in every way. For the sake of his patients, he invites other doctors or specialist to contribute to the case. He believes in teamwork and is aware of the power of knowledge sharing.

His intention is not to earn profits on his own. He has bigger aspirations in life. His aim is to be helpful to the people suffering from pain. He doesn’t seek to earn profits by doing so. He shares his knowledge so that more and more patients could benefit from it.

V K Puppala, MD once said,

“Even if I know the best of treatment, I cannot treat each and every patient. I feel the best way to serve maximum patients is to empower other medical practitioners with the best knowledge. By sharing my findings, my treatments, I feel I am serving the humanity.”

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