Everything about Supplementation for Women

When we train, we put a lot of stress on our body and it needs time to heal but the next day, we are back at the gym. This can turn unproductive so you need to have a good diet and supplementation to make the most of it. There are people that consider it unnecessary but when you want to speed up the process and gain results, there’s no doubt they will help.

But, you can speed up the process just for the right amount because anything over the line will be bad for your body. Everyone will take what their body requires so you shouldn’t just buy every fitness product you see. There’s a big change you will only need a couple that will work for you besides taking daily vitamins which are also considered as supplements.

Why Is Protein Most Popular?

You probably heard about whey protein in your gym because it’s one of the best things that you can use pre or post-training. You will need to check its quality unlike for creatine because there are many mixtures and brands you can find online. They will differ based on how many calories, sugars and other ingredients are added.

There are 3 different kinds and whey is probably the best especially if you take it in its original form. It’s a leftover from milk that is used to make cheese. The ones you buy in the stores are around 80% of pure protein but there is some better option like Isolate that goes up to 90%. Isolate is a bit more expensive but it doesn’t include lactose which can cause an allergic reaction for some people.

Another leftover liquid when they make cheese is casein which your body absorbs slower compared to whey. A good thing about it is that you can take it before sleep so your body will consume it during the night without any issues. There are many alternatives you can take when you are allergic to or vegan like soy protein. The dosage will depend on women’s fitness and age but the recommendations are usually always the same.

What to Take As Pre-Workout?

Some of the supplements you will see on the market should only be recommended to people that are a couple of years at least in fitness and trying to gain more. Someone who just started out doesn’t need a pre-workout that will boost your energy for the upcoming workout. They exist to keep you strong and motivated but are not a miracle product that will make you a pro athlete.

The number one has to be creatine because it is the longest on the market and most researched supplement. It is a chemical that your body naturally produces so your cells can function properly and have energy. It’s very safe if you use it correctly and you will gain some muscle mass fast. The only downside is if you have any kidney issues because you will have to drink a lot of water when taking it.

A nonessential amino acid or beta-alanine is used to build lean muscle, reduce fatigue and improve your endurance. It is stronger than creatine but has a different effect so some people may experience the tingling feeling. You should take a lower dosage when you have such feelings but it isn’t harmful. L-Citrulline is another thing you can take to increase blood flow but you need to be careful when it comes to dosage so you won’t feel sick.

What to Take After Workout?

The most important thing you can do after a workout is to have a proper meal. The best protein, creatine, and vitamins that you can take are from healthy food but supplementation can also work great. This depends on how much you can eat and what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you don’t want to gain mass, so powder works better because it has fewer calories.

BCAA will help you regenerate muscle and provide energy for the day so there is a supplement for everything. It will also help your muscle become more solid. Girls don’t need more than 4 meals if they have an intense workout session so check what you didn’t take that day and replace it with supplements. Read more on this link.


We can’t escape again but we can surely slow it down with proper dieting and lifestyle. There are some great natural ingredients that can help you out and one of them is Biotin. It’s a B complex vitamin that keeps your nails, hair and skin healthy. There aren’t many studies to support these claims but ones that do think that it helps improve keratin.

Vitamin D and calcium are great for your bones and you should take them together because they will be absorbed better, when they are mixed. Something you probably didn’t hear of is Chondroitin and Glucosamine which are important for your connective tissues. The older we get, the more important they become because it supports our joint elasticity.

Fat Burners

Many professionals don’t like fat burners because a lot of the products you can find online will have a bad effect on your muscles. They should be able to torch the fat and provide more energy by burning it. The best choice would be to take natural ingredients like caffeine because it’s the most reliable. Get more info here: https://www.healthline.com/health/do-fat-burners-work 

Caffeine works best when you are taking one cup per day because taking more will build tolerance and the effect will drop. Another great option is capsaicin which is a kick-starter for your hormones like dopamine and adrenaline. Green coffee can also work great in the morning but it has a high level of chlorogenic acid. It helps reduce weight but you shouldn’t overdo it.

How to Choose the Best Supplements?

The first thing you need to think about when considering taking supplements is vising a doctor. They will provide a lot of valuable information when it comes to health and fitness. Tell them what you plan to take and what do you want to achieve so they can do some tests or recommend a healthier option.

When you know what your goals are and what every supplement represents, the next step is to find a good supplier. Many people will buy directly from their gym but these are usually sponsors that are looking for gyms to promote their products. This isn’t always a great option because the premium brand will only work with the best gyms.

The best way is to talk to a personal trainer or someone that has many years of experience. Besides talking to them, visit a few online and check their review online. There aren’t too many popular brands that you can find, most of them are well-known and can be seen in every supplement store. The differences between them are small and some of them might be overpriced.

It’s recommended to only buy products that are made in the US because it’s the biggest market and most brands are in the states. Also, they are very strict when it comes to their products and have to undergo many tests before being released on the market. Don’t buy the ones that claim that they will cure something or will make unbelievable changes.

What to Use as a Beginner?

In most cases, it won’t matter if you are a beginner or if you are training for the past few years. The only way the supplements will work differently is when you are abusing them and when you are not natural. This means that you are taking steroids and need more everything. The state of your body is something that every doctor wouldn’t recommend.

There are not many women that decide to take steroids but a lot of them prefer whey protein and even creatine. A good thing is that there’s nothing bad in taking whey even you are not the best athlete. You can drink it while at work and after a workout when you can’t prepare a good meal.

If you are just starting out and want to buy something to motivate you, creatine is the best choice. It works the best in the beginning and you can stop taking it after a couple of months. The difference in your fitness will be noticeable after the first month if you train properly, especially if you are overweight.