How To Germinate Sensi Seeds In Canada?

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The best way to germinate your sensi seeds in Canada isn’t such a goliath task. It simply requires two saucers or plates, whatever is convenient and some moist tissue. Let’s go through this simple step by step guide on how to germinate your sensi seeds in Canada. The method we are about to go through is the most recommended and easy too. So you shouldn’t struggle too much. 

Step 1: The Setup before you begin with the germination process

Layer the bottom of one plate simply with a couple of layers of wet tissue and ensure you drain out the excess water. Then, place the seeds on top of the tissue and give each seed sufficient place. Once you have done that, place a couple more tissues that are moist on top of them, while again ensuring you drain off the excess water. Now, cover the plate with the second plate, so as to form a clam shape as this will create a dark, moist environment, suitable and necessary for germination.

Step 2. Germination of the Seeds and how to go about it

Take your plates and place them in a warm location around 21ºC but don’t keep it in direct light. Be sure to make time and check on the seeds every day, especially to see if the tissue has dried out. If it has dried out, you can spray the tissues with water if you think it is necessary. Use your judgement. After a couple of days, you should see some or even all of the seeds opening up and sprouting. Usually the seeds start to sprout inside 72 hours of being in the germination medium. However, rarely though, some seeds take up to 10-14 days (two weeks) to even begin to sprout. After you see the first couple of millimetres of root emerging from the germinated seed, carefully transfer each one of them to small containers of a growing medium of choice.

Step 3. Potting of the Seeds post germination

First, make a hole in the soil or any growing medium of your choice. Ensure that the hole is twice the size of the seed, especially depth wise. Once you have done that, place the seed root first, into the hole. Cover the seed backup with just a little soil. This basically blocks the sunlight. But don’t pack it so tightly that the seedling is obstructed when it is ready to emerge. 

Step 4. The Final Stage of Seedling

Once the new seedlings emerge, they must be given access to bright light. Make sure you are careful, especially in the first two weeks. The seedlings are extremely delicate. Depending on whether you want the seeds growing, you may have to produce artificial light. These seeds can be brought from Sensi seeds Canada.