How to Master Email Marketing in 2022 For Service Business Owners

In the age of social media, business owners are starting to pretend that email is not key to the success of their business. 

There’s more to email marketing than simply sending out an endless series of automated messages to your list. You can actually use email to transform leads into customers, and close deals with the perfect combination of content and engagement.

Whether you’re looking to break into the email marketing space, refine your strategy or even take your current campaigns to the next level, you will find something in this article that will help you take your email to its next level using 3 easy steps. 

What Is Email Marketing?

 if you aren’t familiar with email marketing then I would suggest you check out my last article what is email marketing and why it’s even more important in 2022. In that article, I break down: 

  • What Is Email Marketing?
  • Why is email marketing important 
  • How does email marketing work 
  • What is email deliverability

it’s like a crash course into email marketing that you can read in about 5 mins click here. 

How to become a master at email marketing?

Email marketing seems complicated but when you break it down there are really 3 parts you need to worry about. when looking to master email marketing you will look at each area and focus on building that part of the email marketing system.

Step 1:Build Email List

 This is the single most important step for any business and I am not kidding.

When creating an email list, there are two main components to keep in mind. The first is keeping the opt-in form clear and simple. The second is making sure the form itself is something that can be easily filled out. In short, your goal here should be to get as many of the right people as possible on your email list so that you’re able to reach out to them at a later date.

Think about creating something simple that people can get their hands on that will have a ton of value for the people you are trying to serve. When creating this document the question that you have to ask yourself is “what do I do that comes easy to me but other people struggle with”? 

Once you have the answer to that question then make a lead magnet on that topic and offer it in exchange for your customer’s email. 

The thing you have to remember is NEVER to buy an email list. You want to build this list from the ground up. it will be a lot of work but it will be worth it. 

Step 2:Maintain your email list health

Once you’ve built a list, you want to make sure you stay connected to your audience. What do you think is the biggest problem for most people when they start a business? Not staying connected to their audience! You need to be present in the lives of your current customers and potential customers. 

In order for your email list to stay healthy, you will need to send enough emails to your customer to stay relevant. When you think of email think of a baby, when a baby cant see you they don’t know you exist. Emailing your customers is the same way. if you stay away for too long they won’t know that you exist. 

Sending email 2 times a month is a great way to get started but in most cases, the recommended minimum is once per week. 

Now that you have got the emails flowing its time to remove people from your list. yup, you heard me, take people off the list. Listen if you stopped answering the phone for someone you would want them to stop calling, right? well, your customers feel the same about their email. When they stop opening your email then you need to stop sending them. 

This can also hurt your email deliverability. if you want to know what email deliverability is click here. 

Step 3: Send valuable email 

What is the most valuable thing you can send your customer? In other words, what does your prospect need more than anything else right now? When you are creating emails to send to the people on your list keep in mind that you are just one of the several hundred they get per day(I get that many, I can’t speak for anyone else lol).

look at the content you and other creates put up on social media to get you insight into what people want to see. When you create emails based on content that has already done well its more likely that people will come to anticipate your content because it answers the question they have and connects with them on a deeper level. 

Don’t just write an email because its what you want to write about. you have to balance what you want to create with what your audience wants to see. 


Email marketing can be broken down into 3 steps. If you look at your email marketing in these sections you will be able to address each area individually to ensure you are on the right track for long-term success. 

Creating and growing your email list is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

If you want some advise on how you can do this for your business click here to grab a virtual coffee and I’m happy to share my 2 cents.