Stuttering and Lazy Tongue Improved With Stress Management Hypnosis Techniques

Stuttering and Lazy Tongue Improved With Stress Management Hypnosis Techniques

Symptoms of stuttering and lazy tongue or twisted tongue can greatly be improved with basic stress management technique and hypnosis.

The phrase “lazy tongue,” which I coined, basically speaks for itself. When the affected person attempts to speak, it seems that the tongue is lazy, twisted and simply doesn’t move fast enough to enunciate what is spoken. The result is slurred speech and or stuttering. It often feels as though the twisted tongue is enlarged and because of this feeling it is often easy to bite the tongue or the side of the mouth–rather painful.

Typically stuttering is not necessarily associated with a lazy tongue, but more often simply stuttering is associated with excessive tension in the mouth. Whereas one can begin suffering from lazy tongue at any age, stuttering is often left over from child hood.

The issues surrounding both lazy tongue and stuttering are similar. Stuttering is often associated with a less than healthy self image resulting from a conditioning experience of an embarrassing nature as a youngster, or having an overbearing and critical parent. Lazy tongue, on the other hand, is usually the result of a major stressor such as loss of a marriage, death of a loved one, loss of a job…

With both stuttering and lazy tongue, there is a situation of low self esteem. However, a boost in self esteem (although helpful) usually will not solve either problem without stress management intervention.

For example, Carl was 19 years of age and away at college. Stuttering since elementary school he successfully stopped all stuttering within three weeks of stress management training. He returned home over semester break and promised his father to clean the garage one Saturday.

Carl became distracted and never got around to fulfilling his promise. His dad came home from work later on Saturday, noticed the garage wasn’t cleaned, and called Carl a “stupid shit,” for not cleaning the garage. Carl’s stuttering returned instantly.

This is a case of having an overbearing, over critical parent who in combination with the son’s sensitive nature, contributed to his son’s stuttering which often makes overcoming stuttering a two part program.

1. Using basic stress management skills involving deep rhythmic breathing, and muscle tensing relaxation exercises for the various muscles of the jaw, mouth, and tongue.

The deep breathing into the diaphragm is for composure. The muscle exercises are to stretch the jaw in various directions, stretch the tongue and press it against various locations in the mouth. It also involves tensing the facial muscles. Each time the muscles are tensed, they are tensed to the point of extreme discomfort–almost to the point of fatigue. Then the tension is then released and self mental programming is done as to which feelings are preferred and which are disliked.

2. Self hypnotic affirmations are used to change the perspective so as to build confidence and create building self esteem. Focus is on dealing with the emotions of rejection, disappointment, and frustration. Through hypnosis the individual moves to embrace the emotion and then move beyond it to somehow benefit from the experience.

An enlightened approach to stuttering and lazy tongue involves more than one approach. Whereas many programs only focus on the mechanical, you wonder why the obvious self esteem issues are left out or only dealt with in passing. It’s clearly a mistake to ignore either the stress management or the self esteem issues. Doing the physical exercises and dealing with the mental issues of building self esteem produces real results.

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