The Best Natural Skin Care Cream? Why There’s More Than One and How to Avoid the Look-a-Likes

The Best Natural Skin Care Cream? Why There’s More Than One and How to Avoid the Look-a-Likes

Are you ever frustrated with the impossible claims the major beauty marketers make about their skin creams?

“We have the best natural skin care cream!” they shout from the full page ad in the glossy fashion magazine. And to prove it they parade a gorgeous model before you with flawless skin and a confidential, almost wicked, smile.

In your heart you know this is nonsense. But your confidence is shaken and sometimes you even start to wonder if you should actually go out and buy the ‘best natural skin care cream’ that the stunning model is promoting from that frustrating advertisement.

The good news is, that you don’t have to buy the cream and you don’t have to lose your confidence when you encounter one of these models.

Here’s why.

First, the model is a fake. The photo is not how she really looks.

The advertiser has spent a lot of money and time making sure the model’s picture is near-perfect, so that is no longer her. He’s given her an ideal face and body by using special lights and camera lenses, a squad of professional beauticians, and computer programs that touch up photos after the shoot.

So don’t worry about the photos.

Second, you should track down the best natural skin care cream by knowing what to look for in the ingredients.

For example, take keratin. It’s a natural protein found in the body, that enhances skin. For this reason it’s common in many skin creams because as its applied over the body it will restore and support the skin.

But here’s the thing. Almost all skin creams, including the ones claiming to the best skin creams, get their keratin by putting acid at high temperatures on the by-products of dead animals like hooves, horns and feathers. This is a special way of rendering dead animals and is called hydrolyzation.

Quite frankly, it’s grotesque. How can you extract the best skin creams from the blood-covered floor of a slaughter house?

But a few creams (very few, actually) use a special, trade marked keratin called Functional Keratin, that’s gently extracted from sheep wool sourced from farmers raising sheep to rigorous standards and safe, sustainable protocols.

This form of keratin is particularly available to the skin, and being able to collect it in industrial quantities is a recent breakthrough.

If a skin cream had this form of keratin in it, then it might be able to lay claim to the title Best Natural Skin Care Cream.

There are other vital ingredients. Find out what they are and look for them on the label. Then make your decision on which one to trust based on that research, not the glossy advertising of the self-proclaimed best skin creams.

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